Three Strategies to Use Brand Purpose to Build Trust in the Customer Experience

Research has found that 90% of Millennials will buy from a brand when they trust its’ environmental, social or business practices; 95% will recommend the products. Faced with this new mindset, brand stewards need to engage consumers differently —first by building trust – step one in the quest to become a purpose-led brand. Today’s post is by Piers […]

Have you ever fired a client/customer?

Our reader poll today asks: Have you ever fired a client/customer? Yes, and I don’t hesitate to do so if they’re a bad client/customer: 70% No, I’ve never been in that position to have to do it: 18% No, but I really should have and regret not doing so: 5% No, but I wanted to and […]

Seven Strategies to Manage a Micro-Manager

The horror stories of a micro-managing boss are a plenty, but there haven’t always been great strategies to manage the micro-manager, but here are a few. Today’s post is by Victor Prince, a principal here at thoughtLEADERS. If you work long enough, you will have a micro-managing boss. They think they know your job better than you […]

Learning to Negotiate Like a Pro

Setting your intentions and defining the negotiating relationship is a key part of the negotiation process. The first step in any negotiating process is defining and understanding the context you’re operating in.You have to understand the strategic environment of the negotiation in order to be successful. There are several elements to defining this context. First, who is the […]

Humility is the Key to Being An Agile Leader

Being an agile leader requires humility. Not having all the answers helps you to be open, learn, and adapt in our ever-changing business environment. Today’s post is by Jose Costa, author of Leading With Edge (CLICK HERE to get your copy) Few people would deny the crucial role agility plays in helping a person succeed […]

How do you handle a project that clearly isn’t going to meet your goals?

Our reader poll today asks: How do you handle a project that clearly isn’t going to meet your goals? Kill it as soon as I know it won’t work and then move on: 74% Keep trying even though I know it’s a lost cause: 10% Double down on my investment and try to make it […]