Project Management Reality

| Aspects of Leadership Applicable to This Course

Project management professionals are well versed in traditional tools like Gantt charts, project plans, and scope documents.  What they’re not taught are the on-the-job challenges every project faces (resource loss, politics, functionality doesn’t work, etc.).

Project Management Reality teaches participants about critical real-world risks and opportunities inherent in every project they undertake.  Those risks and opportunities are approached from a perspective on how to anticipate and avoid problems, capture the opportunities quickly, and how to get back on track if and when problems occur. Participants will learn about:

  • The Three Cracks in the Foundation of many projects (Sponsor Disengagement, Steering Committee Disengagement, and Team Disengagement)
  • The Four Landmines many projects encounter as they progress (Loss of Resources, Scope Change, Politics, and Functionality Failure)
  • The Three Treasure Chests of opportunities that can make a project wildly successful (Overdelivering, Breaking Down Silos, and Creating Heroes)

The course consists of instructor-introduced concepts and participant application of the methodology to an actual project on which they’re working.

The target audience for this course consists of project management professionals, project team members, project sponsors, and steering committee members (translation: this isn’t just a traditional project management course – it focuses on the TOTAL business impact of projects). The value of this course to participants and to the organization is:

  • More efficient and effective project teams that deliver better project outcomes
  • Fewer project execution issues leading to lower costs, higher quality, and decreased cycle time
  • Better prepared leaders who can tackle increasingly complex projects

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