Leading with Influence

| Aspects of Leadership Applicable to This Course

Leading others requires you to influence them versus telling them what to do. Without the ability to effectively influence others, getting things done is virtually impossible.

The PVI model – Perception, Visibility, and Influence – produces valued employees and in-demand leaders capable of driving decisions at every level of the organization. The two pillars that support influence are perception and visibility. Influence can’t happen unless you have improved others’ perception of you and increased your visibility. Once you’ve established the appropriate level of perception, you will have gained a solid reputation and foundation of respect. After you’ve increased your visibility, you’ll become known and valued in your company. Influence is now possible.

In this course you’ll learn The PVI Model which produces the necessary influence qualities that all great leaders use. First, great leaders create an extremely positive perception of themselves throughout the organization. Second, they know how to increase their profile across the organization. Third, they know how to exert influence. Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level by Joel Garfinkle serves as the basis for this program.

Through practical advice, true-to-life examples, and action-oriented tips, you’ll learn how to create and become an elite performer who influences outcomes, contributes to major decisions, and drives change for the betterment of the organization. When you become equipped with an ability to create positive perception, be visible, and exert influence, you can become a high-impact leader who moves the organization forward. Employees who fully utilize the PVI Model become more valuable to an organization. Their productivity and contributions enhance the organization’s performance.

The primary concepts introduced in this course are:

  • Getting Ahead by Joel GarfinkleUse the power of perception. Why is perception important? How do others perceive you and your team? How can you change that perception, if necessary? You will learn the four-step perception management process.
  • Be visible and raise your profile. You’ll learn how to increase your visibility by standing out and getting noticed. How does someone go from barely being noticed inside an organization to actually being valued and having impact? You will learn the seven ways to gain visibility and raise your profile.
  • Lead through influence. What is influence? How does your influence ability benefit you and your employees? What is the current influence ability of you and your team? You will learn the five traits all influential people have.

The target audience for this course consists of mid-to-senior level leaders, future leaders, and minority employees. The value of this course to the participants and to the organization as a whole are:

  • Inspiring others to execute and deliver, regardless of their position or authority level
  • Empowering employees to become the most effective and influential leaders possible
  • Making things happen, moving the organizations forward and producing powerful results
  • Utilizing visibility to extend their influence and effect change
  • Gaining exposure to other business units in order to interact with other leaders and peers

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What have prior participants said about this course?

  • “This workshop was fresh, informative and, best of all packed with practical tips and techniques we can instantly use to make us more effective leaders.”
  • “The instructor is a phenomenal speaker who is able to capture the audience’s attention while engaging each person on an individual basis.”
  • “I got more out of course than any multiple-day class I’ve attended.”
  • “The instructor has an engaging and authoritative speaking style.”