Where experience meets learning

thoughtLEADERS‘ services are designed to build solid leadership, communication, strategy and operational skills.

All our instructors are practitioners of the concepts they teach.

thoughtLEADERS: Where experience meets learning

We offer classroom instruction and keynote versions of our courses. Our keynotes are perfect for offsites or group meetings where you’re looking to bring in an interesting perspective from outside your organization.

World-Class eLearning Courses

TITAN eLearning Courses

Take Our Courses at Your Desk

We offer many of our programs as eLearning courses. Learn our methods through videos, exercises, and interactive elements. Every course has downloadable materials to supplement the online portions. And you’ll get a certificate of completion too! Come learn with us!

Structured Thought: Problem Solving
Structured Thought and Communication
Strategic Business Planning
Principles of Chart Design eLearning Course
Engagement Management
Deliberate Decision Making
Breakthrough Innovation
Everything is Negotiable
Leading through Change
Storytelling for Leaders
Storytelling for Salespeople
Building Leadership Resilience
Compelling Executive Presence
Coaching for Impact
Building Personal Resilience
Building Personal Resilience
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Our Instructors

Our instructors are practitioners of the methods they teach. They have experience in management and strategy consulting, military leadership, strategic planning, P&L management and business unit execution. They have run multi-million dollar organizations, led teams (both small and large) and set and executed strategy for some of America’s premier companies. Our instructors bring a healthy dose of the real-world up to the podium every time they teach. They don’t just know the method – they LIVE it.

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