Coaching and Consulting Services

| Aspects of Leadership Applicable to This Program

thoughtLEADERS can provide you assistance on your most difficult problems. Whether it’s the creation of a strategic plan, refinement of your communications or assistance with leadership issues, we can help. Our instructors quickly help you get to the heart of the issue and make practical, sound, and applicable recommendations on how you can resolve your problems.  We focus our consulting and coaching engagements in three primary areas:

Strategic Project Consulting: Our instructors work with you to solve your most difficult problems and help you communicate your recommendations in a clear and compelling way.

Executive Coaching: We work one on one with your leaders to help them improve their skills and build their capabilities.  We don’t take a cookie cutter or framework-laden approach to coaching.  Instead, we serve as an executive peer who can understand your business problems and offer guidance and advice from a real-world perspective.  We don’t tell you the things you want to hear – we tell you the things you need to hear.

Social Medial Consulting: Social media is all the rage.  The big question is how do you drive actual business results by using it?  We will spend time with your team exploring the different platforms and players in social media and help you better understand which of those tools and approaches are right for your business.

Please contact us to discuss the problem or opportunity you are facing and we will respond with a customized proposal on how we can assist you. Additionally, we provide post-training course coaching support on request.

What are our clients saying about our services?

Freedom Debt Relief

“thoughtLEADERS went beyond the originally defined scope and came in under budget. They performed a strategic review, made over 20 specific introductions to key C-level executives, and mapped future strategic inflection points for our company. They performed this work with little direction/oversight but stayed in constant communication with us. Phenomenal results, great insights, and valuable relationships.”

– Founder/Co-CEO, Freedom Financial Network, LLC