Deliberate Decision Making

| Aspects of Leadership Applicable to This Course

Deliberate Decision Making teaches participants how to make better, faster, and more effective decisions.  Participants learn how to do this through the application of simple yet powerful decision making tools. Participants learn:

  • The decision making cycle
  • The four primary styles of decision making and when to use each one
  • How to appropriately involve others in decision making
  • The four kinds of ambiguity and how they affect decisions
  • The three kinds of decisions you can make and how to make them
  • Ways to reduce risks inherent in decision making

For a sample of the concepts we teach in the program, here’s Mike Figliuolo explaining the four styles of decision making.  If you enjoy the video, you can sign up to watch a condensed version of the course on by following the link at the end of the video.

The classroom course consists of instructor-introduced concepts and practical application exercises.

The target audience for this course consists of individuals in analytical or persuasive roles from junior to senior levels of organizations (e.g., analysts, managers, mid-level executives). The value of this course to the participants and to the organization as a whole are:

  • Faster decision making which enables you to capture opportunities faster
  • More support for decisions being made and better team involvement in the process
  • Reduced risk of bad decisions and the losses associated with them

Please contact us to arrange for this course to be trained at your organization.