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Building Leadership Resilience

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Prepare your body and brain to be ready for and recover from your biggest challenges. Build approaches for overcoming stress, managing reactions to difficult events, and leading more effectively.

Duration: 2 hours (Approximately 60 minutes of video lessons and 60 minutes of exercises)

Do you know what to do when stress takes over? Do you know how to focus in stressful times? The resilient leader can bounce back from the difficult moments and bad days. The resilient leader knows which thought patterns and habits prevent feeling overwhelmed. And, when burnout happens, the resilient leader takes the feeling seriously and changes the type and volume of work they do for a time so recovery is possible.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize how your brain functions most effectively under stress
  • Identify how you step back under pressure
  • Capture or build memory files that allow focus in all conditions
  • Renew your commitment to wellness

The course consists of instructor-introduced concepts, practical application exercises, and supporting materials. The course includes:

  • Extensive instructor videos to guide you through the content
  • A downloadable course guide of slides to help you follow the instruction
  • A downloadable workbook to apply the method as you take the course
  • Exercises, quizzes, and case examples to help you apply these methods as you learn them

The target audience for this course consists of individuals in executive and team leadership roles and those who want to improve performance and to rise in level. The value of this course to the participants and to the organization as a whole are:

  • Improved ability to measure and manage stress
  • Ability to recognize triggers and deal with them productively
  • Awareness and use of essential brain health habits
  • Better focus in stressful times
  • Clear definition of values, goals, and commitments
  • Creation of a plan for a better year ahead

Jon Wortmann is a principal at thoughtLEADERS. He is an executive coach, trainer, and best-selling author of five books including Hijacked by Your Brain and Mindfulness is Sublime. He has delivered over 3,000 public workshops and trainings across a variety of industry sectors. In addition to corporate teams, he is the leadership trainer in multiple towns and school districts in New England. His writing has been featured in Fast Company, Psychology Today, O Magazine, and Elle. A graduate of Carleton College and Harvard University, he also coaches golfers in the NCAA and on the PGA Tour.


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The Alarm in Your Brain
Brain Health
Stepping Back
Quick Switching
Core Memory Files
Time Blocking
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