Simplified Strategic Planning

| Aspects of Leadership Applicable to This Course

Our Simplified Strategic Planning Program is a multi-workshop series that teaches participants an effective strategic planning process while at the same time creating a clear, compelling strategic plan for their organization. Participants will:

  • Set direction through clear articulation of Vision, Mission, and Strategic Filters
  • Define their organization’s current and desired future state
  • Clearly articulate the organization’s core competencies
  • Define a prioritized set of Strategic Filters to evaluate strategic initiatives
  • Inventory, evaluate, prioritize, and sequence initiatives to support their strategy
  • Allocate resources to initiatives based on priority and need
  • Package their work into a compelling strategic plan

The program consists of a combination of out-of-class work combined with a series of workshops (typically three sessions) and targeted out-of-class coaching.  The program is pragmatic in that participants learn the strategic planning method while simultaneously applying it to their real-world business need.

A short video-based version of the program is available on Watch the following video for an overview of that program and a link to the course:

The target audience for this course is the leadership team of a business, business unit, or organization.  Putting an existing leadership team through this program enhances both their strategic planning skills as well as the quality of their actual strategic plan.  The benefits of this course are:

  • The leadership team having a strategic planning process they can replicate each year thereby making their plans more compelling and rigorous with less effort than ad hoc planning efforts
  • An efficient means of gathering and processing key inputs for strategic planning
  • Better strategic alignment, prioritization, and resource allocation
  • Clarity and focus which eliminates low value initiatives and drives critical ones

Please contact us to take your team to go through our Strategic Planning Program.
Hear Mike Sheehan and Mike Figliuolo discuss our strategic planning process:


What do our clients think?

Pinnacle Data Systems

“I’ve been through a couple of strategic planning processes in my career that resulted with the usual mission, vision, and objectives that quickly ended up in a file drawer or on a shelf. However, thoughtLEADERS provided a straightforward process, a facilitator that was flexible but focused on the end goals, and the help we needed to identify our strategic goals.  More importantly, we identified the specific initiatives (including priority and timing) that will help us attain our goals. We now have a framework for evaluating future initiatives and furthering our plan beyond its current horizons. I highly recommend thoughtLEADERS‘ strategic planning program and facilitation!”

– CEO, Pinnacle Data Systems

Freedom Debt Relief

thoughtLEADERS managed a project focused on mapping out strategic alternatives and making key introductions. They worked efficiently and intelligently and the quality of work exceeded our high expectations.”

– Founder/Co-CEO, Freedom Financial Network, LLC