Training Managers In The Visualization Of Data

From MBAs to managers, leadership through effective presentation and communication is key.  The visualization of data empowers the curation and communication of results, problems, and ideas. Well-designed data graphics make the insights interpretable and actionable.   Today’s post is by Dr. Kristen Sosulski, author of Data Visualization Made Simple (CLICK HERE to get your copy). From MBAs […]

Grandpa Charlie’s 15 Principles for Success in Business and in Life

Learning from those that came before us is one of the best ways not repeat the mistakes of the past and make the best decisions for the future. Today’s post is by Marc Demetriou, author of the book, Lessons From My Grandfather (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Many people, including those in leadership positions, […]

Creating a Winning Company Culture by Investing in People

Creating a vibrant company culture requires an investment in people.  Live events company productionglue has implemented a program that has driven loyalty, innovation and profitability. Today’s post is by Eric Tetuan, Co-founder and chief innovation officer at productionglue. Creating a winning company culture begins with an investment in people. Maintaining this kind of atmosphere takes […]

Secrets to Effective Employee Engagement

If efforts to increase employee engagement in your organization have been a bust, you’re not alone.  Over the last two decades, most organizations have launched engagement initiatives or programs at their worksites with minimal success.  What those efforts focused on depended primarily upon how the organization measured the concept of employee engagement to begin with, […]

Corporate America’s Biggest Inefficiency

Emotions are the core of all human beings but not managing them properly might be what is keeping your team from achieving the most efficiency in their day.  Today’s post is by Jon Wortmann, thoughtLEADERS instructor. How much time is strong emotion wasting in your office? You know the routine: someone says something in a […]

Why Full Transparency is Impossible—the Way You Do it

The business buzzword ‘transparency’ is achievable. But, it’s a team effort, and you’ll have to get rid of closed-door meetings and upgrade your culture first. Today’s post is by Guy Pierce Bell. We’ve all heard “transparency” thrown around as one of the hot business buzzwords of the day. But its prevalence hasn’t created anything close […]