The Role of Leaders in Modeling Accountability

Building a culture of accountability takes effort day in and day out to truly establish and it is also the responsibility of those in leadership positions to continual reinforce. It’s not enough to just build a culture of accountability. You have to strengthen it and reinforce it every single day. This is about the small behaviors adding up […]

Two Keys to Getting Tough Decisions Executed Well

Large decisions carry plenty of execution risk. To increase the chances that your decisions are executed the way you want them to be, focus on clearly explaining the decision and actively managing change. Today’s post is by Mike Figliuolo, Managing Director of thoughtLEADERS, LLC. If you want to make a successful decision, communicate the rationale […]

Decision Making as a Process

Many business leaders struggle with making decisions for their company but there are a few simple steps to work through decision making as a process. It’s important to realize that decision making is actually a process, and it’s the process of selecting a choice from a range of possible options, with the goal of achieving a very specific […]

The Secret Method for Getting Your Recommendations Approved

Getting to “yes” is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face on a daily basis. Whether you’re making a case for more budget, more people, more time, or approval of an idea, you’ll need to communicate in a clear and compelling way. Here’s the secret method for doing just that. Today’s post is by Mike […]

Introducing the Five Step Problem Solving Process

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a business problem that you’re not sure how to solve?  This five step problem solving process is a great place to begin working through any business issue. At one point I worked with a financial services firm and we had this really cool program that when we first […]

Creating a Winning Company Culture by Investing in People

Creating a vibrant company culture requires an investment in people.  Live events company productionglue has implemented a program that has driven loyalty, innovation and profitability. Today’s post is by Eric Tetuan, Co-founder and chief innovation officer at productionglue. Creating a winning company culture begins with an investment in people. Maintaining this kind of atmosphere takes […]