Devin Singh

Devin Singhemail Devin

Devin Singh, Ph.D., works as a consultant, advisor, coach, speaker, and professor. He has over 15 years of experience helping people learn, grow, and develop, in large and small group settings and one-on-one. In addition to his scholarly work on business, culture, and society, Devin specializes in leadership development and personal growth, team dynamics, learning and communication styles, conflict management, and emotional and cultural intelligence.

Devin is Assistant Professor of Religion at Dartmouth College, where he teaches courses on ethics, social capital, and the connections between religion, economics, and politics. He is also a visiting scholar at Harvard Divinity School, serves as a guest lecturer at Tuck School of Business, and previously taught at Yale University. He received his PhD from Yale, MA from University of Chicago, MDiv from Trinity Divinity School, and BA from Pomona College. His work has been nationally and internationally recognized, and has appeared in periodicals such as Time, The Huffington Post, and Harvard Theological Review. His book, Divine Currency, forthcoming with Stanford University Press, examines the surprising connections between money, religion, and politics in the West.

In addition to his university research and teaching, Devin most recently served as an advisor, trainer, and content creator for SurePeople, LLC, an innovative human capital management and analytics firm specializing in emotional, relational, and team intelligence. Devin has authored several thought papers on emotional intelligence. He has also worked in the fields of educational recruitment and admissions, corporate real estate management, grant writing and advancement, nonprofit casework and counseling, and faith-based community development.

Devin has a black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu, and has also trained in Muay Thai and fought full contact in Thailand. His martial arts background has provided opportunities to coach and train others, offer self-defense workshops, and explore mindfulness and meditation techniques, all of which inform his approach to executive training.

Having visited, lived or studied in over 35 countries, Devin brings a global and culturally aware perspective to his teaching and advising. He is passionate about nurturing and directing the innate energies and talents in those he coaches and teaches, and in helping form healthy and sustainable teams and organizational cultures.