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Listening to Get Results

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Listening is more than hearing someone. It’s about finding meaning in what they’re saying and what they’re not. Being a better listener helps you connect with others and build relationships.

Duration: 25 minutes of video lessons

The course covers:

  • What is Listening?
  • Listening With Self-Confidence
  • Listening With Integrity
  • Listening for Their Perspective
  • Listening Like a Coach

The target audience for this course consists of individuals who want to do a better job of leading, building relationships, and understanding others. The value of this course to participants and the organization are:

  • Stronger relationships that reduce conflict and improve collaboration
  • A higher sense of belonging because people are truly being heard
  • More effective teams that care about one another because they understand one another

Sabrina Smith is a principal at thoughtLEADERS. She brings more than 20 years of leadership and training experience into the classroom. She’s led diverse teams at U.S. Cellular, Xerox, and DIRECTV/AT&T. She’s built and delivered coaching and training curricula across large networks of operational sites. Her experiences and her education in organizational leadership have helped her grow the next generation of leaders at every organization she’s worked for. She’s a graduate of Lewis University with a BA in Business Management and Organizational Leadership.