Hijacked by Your Brain

Managing Responses to Stress

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Hijacked by Your Brain explains how you can effectively manage stress to make your responses and communications productive instead of reactive. The book’s author, Jon Wortmann, shares his perspectives and insights from the book in this video-based course.

Duration: 18 minutes of video lessons

The course covers:

  • Understanding Stress and the Alarm in Your Brain
  • Stepping Back and Getting Oriented
  • Managing Stress Levels
  • Assessing Your Triggers
  • Controlling Your Reactions

The target audience for this course is anyone who wants to do a better job of managing stress and their responses to it. The value of this course to participants and the organization are:

  • A better understanding of what causes us stress
  • New skills for managing stress and our responses to it
  • Less stressful work environments and more productive reactions to stressful events

Jon Wortmann is a principal at thoughtLEADERS. He is an executive coach, trainer, and best-selling author of five books including Hijacked by Your Brain and Mindfulness is Sublime. He has delivered over 3,000 public workshops and trainings across a variety of industry sectors. In addition to corporate teams, he is the leadership trainer in multiple towns and school districts in New England. His writing has been featured in Fast Company, Psychology Today, O Magazine, and Elle. A graduate of Carleton College and Harvard University, he also coaches golfers in the NCAA and on the PGA Tour.