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Managing in the Gig Economy

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Distributed teams of “gig workers” present unique challenges in terms of managing and leading them. Learn how to unite and align these teams of disparate workers to achieve a common goal.

Duration: 18 minutes of video lessons

The course covers:

  • The Case for Gig Workers
  • Onboarding Gig Workers
  • Creating a One Team Culture
  • Aligning a Dispersed Team
  • Ongoing Strategies for Inclusion

The target audience for this course is leaders who have to build, manage, and lead teams of “gig workers” either in one or multiple locations. The value of this course to participants and the organization are:

  • Faster time to productivity
  • Improved efficiency and work quality
  • A better sense of belonging for all team members

Jan Rutherford is a principal at thoughtLEADERS. He has over 25 years of business experience and has held executive roles in business development, marketing, sales, training, product management, and as a CEO. Prior to his business career, Jan joined the U.S. Army at age 17 and spent six years in Special Forces as a medic and “A” team executive officer, and three years as a military intelligence officer. He’s one of the founders of The Leadership Podcast and is the author of The Littlest Green Beret.