Do You Make Changes the Hard Way?

Leaders and managers are always changing something in their organizations, but they often make costly mistakes. Here’s how to make change the right way. Today’s post is by Dr. Glenn Varney, co-author of Grasp the Situation (CLICK HERE to get your copy). You would think that leaders of organizations would understand a problem before they try to fix it. After all, they are leaders, and they are expected to know how to manage and make their organizations efficient and productive. The bad news is that many leaders make costly mistakes each day because they do not fully grasp the situation before they attempt to solve a problem. It is estimated that 70% of all organizational changes fail because leaders do not take the time to understand what needs to be changed. Instead, they leap in and do a quick fix when the problem deserves a rigorous diagnostic process. To illustrate the point, here is a true story about a plant manager, Mike, of a 500-employee automotive parts facility who really screwed up his organization because he leaped before he looked. Mike’s administrative manager came to him one day recommending they acquire a new high-performance copy machine which would “meet increased workload” and improve production control timing. He pointed out that the other two copiers were “overloaded” and could not keep up with demand. Mike gave the go ahead, and they installed the new machine. Several weeks after the machine was installed, Mike was walking by the new copier and observed a long line of people standing waiting to use the machine. Mike thought that this was a waste of time and assumed that employees just wanted to use the new machine instead of the other machines. He decided to swing by the two other copiers and found the same thing—people … Continue reading Do You Make Changes the Hard Way?