Marty Stanley

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Marty Stanley, President of Dynamic Dialog, Inc., is an author, professional speaker, facilitator and executive coach. She works with leaders to define success and put the operational and communication plans in place to get there. She is the author of Get Out of B.E.D. (Blame Excuses and Denial): Change Your Outlook, Alter Your Outcomes. She writes for several business and trade publications and hosted a radio show featuring live coaching sessions on business related issues. She has served clients ranging from associations to for-profit companies and non-profit organizations.

Prior to starting her own business, Marty was an HR executive in 3 dramatically different cultures. The breadth and variety of her experiences give her a unique perspective on how to successfully develop and build organizations in ways that are consistent with the realities the organization faces.

First she was an HR and Training & Development executive at Employers Health Insurance (now Humana) – an entrepreneurial organization that grew from 250 people to 1700 by meeting the needs of an underserved market. During this time Marty created a nationally recognized training department and developed one of the Top 25 Corporate Wellness programs in United States. Next she served as the Vice President of Human Resources for Blue Cross Blue Shield. She managed a budget of over $2.5 million and managed the HR needs of over 1600 employees. Lastly, she was Vice President of Human Resources for AMC Entertainment where she built and directed all human resource functions for an organization of over 16,000 employees.

Marty’s deep and broad experiences taught her how to lead organizational changes that are aligned with strategic objectives. For over 10 years, her guidance and wisdom has helped her clients create new cultures that are successful and rewarding.

Marty focuses on teaching people how to be more accountable for themselves, motivate themselves more effectively, and communicate better with others.