Jack Maher

Jack Maher
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Jack graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH with a degree in Business Administration.  In the US Army, he was decorated for his performance leading large projects.  After progressing through the commercial ranks in the advanced composites industry to become a product marketing manager, Jack earned an MSIS degree from Penn State with emphasis on software development and project management.

After graduate school, Jack took over management of his division’s Applications Support group and implemented his self-created project management software application suite.  In a new role leading the commercial operations of a regional ISP, Jack again implemented a new project tool set.  Jack then joined Scotts Miracle-Gro where he helped develop a PMO at the enterprise level while implementing sound project management practices at the division level.


While a deep understanding of technology helps with project implementation, pure “business process” projects remain a core focus of Jack’s PM work.  He addresses business issues with tools appropriate to the solution including advanced technologies.

Jack’s leadership and coaching skills have been utilized by several large companies in the development of in-house resources.  As the principal of a hands-on project management consulting practice as well as the owner and managing partner of a classic cars restoration and hot rod shop, Jack manages a variety of projects on a daily basis.  He brings best practice concepts and real-world experience to the classroom.  His application of project management principles rooted in formal education and his breadth of experience enable him to deliver on the thoughtLEADERS promise of delivering real experience versus simply a classroom experience.