Meet Our Team of Practitioners

Our instructors are practitioners of the methods they teach. They have experience in management and strategy consulting, military leadership, strategic planning, P&L management and business unit execution. They have run multi-million dollar organizations, led teams (both small and large) and set and executed strategy for some of America’s premier companies. Our instructors bring a healthy dose of the real-world up to the podium every time they teach. They don’t just know the method – they LIVE it.

Mike Figliuolo Alan Veeck Paul Smith Mike Lynn Maureen Metcalf Victor Prince Dave Willis
Marcy Schwab Jan Rutherford Joel Garfinkle Darrell Polk Rich Krevolin Lori Young Jon Wortmann
Darcie Zeliesko Gary Ross Frank Pietrucha Greg Acton Geoff Wilson John Fisher
Pan Chen Rob Salafia Hugo Bretón C.J. Pérez Devin Singh Tim Eng Marty Stanley

Why choose us versus another training firm? Ask the simple question “do I want to learn from a career trainer who has limited experience running an organization or do I want to learn from business veterans who know the frameworks AND how they apply in the real world?” The answer should be pretty simple…

Our primary goal is meeting our client’s needs.

“Our instructor was very receptive to participant feedback to meet our employees’ learning needs and customized the course to our audience. He consulted with cross-functional teams to apply the method introduced in the course and the teams greatly valued his feedback. I valued his timely responses and adaptability to meet our needs.”
– Career Development Coordinator, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland