Time Management Mastery

| Aspects of Leadership Applicable to This Course

Success doesn’t happen because one person has more time than another. Every one of us has 24 hours a day to use as we choose. The question is whether or not we use that time effectively. Individuals who enjoy success in their personal and professional lives follow strategies to guide the choices they make each day. They have mastered the ability to manage their time instead of letting time manage their lives.

This course provides you approaches and techniques designed to help you manage your time and achieve the success you desire and deserve. In this course, participants learn how to balance their limited supply of time with the overwhelming demands that are placed on them every day.

You’ll learn these concepts through the exploration of a simple supply and demand model:

Time Management Mastery Framework

The course will provide you with tools and techniques to:

  • Take responsibility for what you choose to do with your time
  • Protect and defend your time
  • Stop saying “yes” to everything and instead learn how to say “no”
  • Delegate successfully
  • Eliminate or have less frequent meetings
  • Lessen the amount of time dedicated to time wasters like email
  • Time block to protect time on your calendar
  • Use prioritization and focus to drive productivity
  • Organize, prioritize, and execute against your task list

At the end of the program, you’ll have a better sense for how you can be more efficient and effective through improved time management techniques.  These are the very techniques we teach successful senior executives.  You can use these techniques just as easily as they do.  The course consists of instructor-introduced concepts and practical application exercises.

The target audience for this course consists of anyone who’s looking to regain control of their schedules, tame their inboxes, and be more productive at work.  The value of this course to the participants and to the organization as a whole are:

  • Better prioritization focused on the most important tasks
  • Protected time so others can’t waste it or take it
  • More effective email management
  • Fewer meetings that limit productivity
  • Decreased amount of workload and stress
  • More available time through delegation
  • Increased efficiency and quality of work
  • Improved productivity and output for your team
  • Increased capacity to take on larger responsibilities

Please contact us to arrange for this course to be trained at your organization.