Structured Thought & Communications: Applications

| Aspects of Leadership Applicable to This Course

This program is an in-depth follow-on course that reviews the concepts taught in the Foundation Course and enables participants to apply these ideas to an initiative, project or communication document on which they’re working. This can be either a half-day or full-day course depending on the number of participants and the complexity of the work they’re doing.

The course consists of a review of the core concepts taught in the Foundation Course and review of participant materials (presentations, business cases, emails, etc.).  The instructor and participants apply Foundation Course concepts to improve the quality of participant end-products. The Applied Concepts course has the same target audience as the Foundation Course. The incremental value of this course is:

  • Increased familiarity with and retention of Foundation Course concepts
  • Improved ability to apply course concepts to “real-world” situations
  • Improved quality and effectiveness of participant end-products

Please contact us to arrange for this course to be trained at your organization.

What do our clients think of applying this method?


thoughtLEADERS helped Heinz Foodservice develop our best-ever Annual Operating Plan this year. Previous plans were often overly detailed, not consistent from section to section and lacked a sustaining central theme. thoughtLEADERS helped change all that this year. Because of their early input and guidance, our plan was shorter, contained a clear, central message and we received terrific feedback on the level of improvement seen in this year’s plan. Thanks! We’ll be back for more help.”

– Vice President, Strategic Sales Services, H.J. Heinz Foodservice