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At thoughtLEADERS, we know it’s critical to help clients find the best resources available. To that end, we present our partners. Click on a logo to learn more about them.

The Computer Workshop The Computer Workshop provides high-quality software training, programming and other related computer services at a reasonable cost.  They offer instructor-led classes, instructor-assisted (self-paced) classes, mentoring and tutoring, technology-based training (DVD, Live-On Line, Web, etc), and professional development seminars. Everyone receives Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) with their class. College Credits are also available for all classes.  These are provided through Ohio Christian University at a rate of .5 College Credits per day.
The Ermi Group The Ermi Group, LLC, a human capital, executive coaching and leadership development firm, forms close partnerships with executives, managers, and HR to customize solutions that best fit their corporate culture and readiness. They prepare your organization and leaders for challenges ahead by bringing proven best practices and executive level expertise. The Ermi Group packages solutions that are right for your business (not cookie-cutter or off-the-shelf) while using an efficient, pragmatic, collaborative approach.
Metcalf and Associates Metcalf & Associates are leaders in the field of developing transformational leaders (Level 5 Leaders) and helping them transform their organizations. Transformation only happens with a holistic approach over time. The firm’s approach is comprehensive and goes beyond workshops. Participants are given a robust set of tools to support their development.
exaqueo exaqueo, led by Susan Strayer, provides career advice for a new generation. An honest, straightforward career coach, recruiter, and HR professional, Susan is the author of The Right Job, Right Now: The Complete Toolkit for Finding Your Perfect Career, one book for your entire career.