Praise from Our Clients

thoughtLEADERS‘ senior clients are strong proponents of our programs and our work.  Contact us if you’d like to have us do for your organization what we’ve done for these great companies!

BMC Software“I have brought thoughtLEADERS in to work with my teams at two different companies with resounding success. What set them apart is, because they are practitioners, they were able to quickly understand our business environment and my team’s needs. That understanding made their programs immediately applicable which directly positively impacted our performance. That impact didn’t stop there – what they taught has had long-lasting and profound positive impact on my business.”
– Vice President and General Manager, BMC Software

PNCthoughtLEADERS teaches the Structured Thought and Communications course for our leaders. The delivery style is very engaging. The methodology provides a logical step-by-step process for outlining a message. This course is a ‘must’ for those that want to influence others in a clear and concise manner.”
– Senior Vice President, Human Resources, PNC

OhioHealththoughtLEADERS offers a uniquely valuable service to our leaders at OhioHealth. The instructors at thoughtLEADERS are not communicating from an ivory tower of theory but from a solid platform of practical experience. Experiential learning makes an immediate difference in the life of the learner and the learner make a difference in the life of the organization.”
– Vice President, Organizational Development, OhioHealth

HeinzthoughtLEADERS helped Heinz Foodservice develop our best-ever Annual Operating Plan this year. Previous plans were often overly detailed, not consistent from section to section and lacked a sustaining central theme. thoughtLEADERS helped change all that this year. Because of their early input and guidance, our plan was shorter, contained a clear, central message and we received terrific feedback on the level of improvement seen in this year’s plan. Thanks! We’ll be back for more help.”
– Vice President, Strategic Sales Services, H.J. Heinz Foodservice

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland“Our instructor was very receptive to participant feedback to meet our employees’ learning needs and customized the course to our audience. He also consulted with cross-functional teams to apply the methodology introduced in the course and the teams greatly valued his feedback. I valued his timely responses and adaptability to meet our needs.”
– Career Development Coordinator, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Pinnacle Data Systems“I’ve been through many strategic planning processes in my career that resulted with the usual mission, vision, and objectives that quickly ended up in a file drawer or on a shelf. However, thoughtLEADERS provided a straightforward process, a facilitator that was flexible but focused on the end goals, and the help we needed to identify our strategic goals.  More importantly, we identified the specific initiatives (including priority and timing) that will help us attain our goals. We now have a framework for evaluating future initiatives and furthering our plan beyond its current horizons. I highly recommend thoughtLEADERSstrategic planning program!”
– CEO, Pinnacle Data Systems

Freedom Financial Network“thoughtLEADERS went beyond the original scope and came in under budget. They performed a strategic review, made over 20 specific introductions to key C-level executives, and mapped future strategic inflection points for our company. They performed this work with little direction/oversight but stayed in constant communication with us. Phenomenal results, great insights, and valuable relationships.”
– Founder/Co-CEO, Freedom Financial Network, LLC