What’s your approach to onboarding new managers?

Our reader poll today asks:  What’s your approach to onboarding new managers? We have a rigorous, comprehensive onboarding program: 15% We provide some initial onboarding then leave it up to that manager: 42% We provide bare-bones onboarding: 23% We throw them in the deep end and let them fend for themselves: 20% Setting them up […]

Breaking the Four-Minute Mile In Business

You may not be the next Roger Bannister, but you can be the person who coaches him or her. Here’s how. Today’s post is by Steve Farber, founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute. Do you ever fantasize about being the first person on Mars or the next Steve Jobs? How about something more in the […]

Training Managers In The Visualization Of Data

From MBAs to managers, leadership through effective presentation and communication is key.  The visualization of data empowers the curation and communication of results, problems, and ideas. Well-designed data graphics make the insights interpretable and actionable.   Today’s post is by Dr. Kristen Sosulski, author of Data Visualization Made Simple (CLICK HERE to get your copy). From MBAs […]

Three Best Practices to Obtain and Retain Top Talent

The top talent your organization needs is bullish on the future. Here are three best practices we found to obtain and retain your best employees. Today’s post is by Mark Miller, author of Talent Magnet (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Top talent is bullish on the future. Many would say they’ve already been there […]

3 Reasons Millennials Hate Your Performance Review

New research on performance management shows that the traditional performance review is failing millennials. It’s too infrequent, it’s too impersonal and it doesn’t feel valuable to them. However, when done properly, the feedback managers give to their millennial employees can promote positive change and career growth. Today’s post is by Michael Bungay Stanier, author of […]

Are You Being Too Nice as a Manager?

Being nice to your team members to spare their feelings can actually cause bigger issues than you might expect. You’re doing them a disservice if you’re not providing clear, actionable feedback they need to improve their performance. Today’s post is by Janet Britcher, author of Zoom Leadership: Change Your Focus, Change Your Insights (CLICK HERE […]