How to Figure Out Where You Should Focus

True business leaders stay focused. This is crystal clear. But how can you make sure you are focusing on the most promising business opportunities that can lead your company to success? Today’s post is by Sharon Tal, co-author of Where to Play (CLICK HERE to get your copy). In their best-selling book Creativity Inc., Ed […]

The Ultimate Sales Strategy is to Engage Your Employees

There are three areas in which the leaders can focus their efforts in order to ensure exponential growth in sales, revenue, and customers: focus on the vision, drive open communication, and be a great mentor. Today’s post is by Shawn Casemore, author of The Unstoppable Organization (CLICK HERE to get your copy). What if an […]

Five Essential Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs

Becoming a great start-up leader takes work. Every entrepreneur faces a unique set of hurdles. Regardless of the type of enterprise, the five underlying leadership skills required for success are the same. Today’s post is by Derek Lidow, author of Building on Bedrock (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Every entrepreneur faces a unique set […]

How well does your organization assess its own capabilities versus competitors?

Our reader poll today asks:  How well does your organization assess its own capabilities versus competitors? We drastically overestimate our capabilities.: 22.3% We overestimate some of our capabilities.: 37.7% We accurately assess our capabilities.: 28.6% We underestimate our capabilities.: 8.6% We drastically underestimate our capabilities.: 2.7% A little overconfident. Overestimating your organization’s capabilities can be a huge […]

Proactively Dealing with Regulatory Changes to Keep Your Business Safe

Regulatory and political changes can have a tremendous impact on your business. If you’re not aware of possible regulatory changes, you’ll be caught off guard and have to react to those changes rather than having the opportunity to prepare for them. The more involved you are in the regulatory arena, the more effectively you’ll be […]

If You Want to Succeed, Use Your Team

Business owners should take advantage of their team’s passion, talents, and knowledge to help the company becomes as profitable as possible. Today’s post is by Robert Thomas Bethel, author of Strengthen Your Business (CLICK HERE to get your copy). I have overseen the turnaround of 77 failing businesses in my 52-year career. For all the […]