Best of thoughtLEADERS 2014: Seriously Our Awesomest Stuff Yet

It’s time again for our annual year in review list of the BEST posts we’ve published in 2014. Welcome to the 2014 edition of The Figgies (our SIXTH of em!  Wow!) which are the awards we give ourselves for writing awesome blog content (here are the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 editions of those […]

11 Commandments of Outstanding Client Service

If you’re looking to run a successful business that takes great care of its clients, you’d do well to read the following commandments of client service. These are values, beliefs, and rules I’ve picked up in over a decade of running a client-facing organization.  And I serve some pretty outstanding (and demanding) clients! Lately I’ve […]

10 Things that Took Me 10 Years to Learn

Happy Birthday to me! No, it’s not my birthday (although you can send me gifts if you like).  It’s thoughtLEADERS‘ birthday and the firm just turned 10.  10 years old.  Mind-boggling. In those 10 years I’ve had ups and downs.  I’ve learned a great deal as an entrepreneur, an executive, a leader, and a person.  […]

How to Emotionally Jazz Up Your Technical Presentations

Today’s post is by Dr. Vikas Jhingran, author of EMOTE: Using Emotions to Make Your Message Memorable (CLICK HERE to get your copy). ‘The Crime Scene’. My first slide, certainly not the norm for a technical paper on Vortex-Induced Vibrations. I could see the confusion and surprise on the faces of the audience. This was […]

10-minute Leadership Lessons – One Story at a Time

Today’s post is by Paul Smith, thoughtLEADERS instructor and bestselling author of Lead With a Story. You’re busy as a leader.  You don’t always have time to invest in learning a great new leadership story to help you build your skills.  I recognize that and I’m here to help.  I’ve distilled down 6 great stories […]

The Importance of Diversifying Your Business

I had a great conversation with a friend of mine. He was bemoaning the fact that his company was almost completely dependent upon one huge customer. He saw the inherent risks in that relationship but confessed his organization had a bad habit they couldn’t kick. They had succumbed to the addiction of predictability and comfort. […]

3 Keys to Cultivating High-Return Relationships

Today’s post is by Gary Polsky, author of Selling Healthcare (CLICK HERE to get your copy). If you’re reading this, odds are you’re looking to take it to the next level in interacting with customers and colleagues (which includes just about everything except cyber crime).  I’m convinced you will experience greater professional success—and happiness—if you […]

How to Avoid the Transparency Trap

Today’s post is by Victor Prince, one of our thoughtLEADERS instructors. “Transparency” has become a hot buzzword over the last several years among business leaders and consultants. We have all probably heard something like this from someone with a big job title – “We have got to be more transparent!” Fast forward through a ton […]

Is your business ready to expand overseas?

Today’s post is by Sloan McKinney who has a passion for helping companies expand their global footprint. Introducing a business to a new country is very much like starting from scratch with a brand new company. Though a company may have experienced wild success on a much smaller level, the array of factors that could […]

Using Emotions to Craft a Memorable Speech

Today’s post is by Dr. Vikas Jhingran, author of EMOTE: Using Emotions to Make Your Message Memorable (CLICK HERE to get your copy). More than decade ago, my wife and I witnessed a stunning incident near the Pier 39 waterfront in San Francisco. On a balmy day, with sea lions and seals soaking sun all […]