How do you drive accountability in your organization?

Our reader poll today asks: How do you drive accountability in your organization? – Primarily through incentives: 17% – Primarily through consequences: 20% – Through an even balance of incentives and consequences: 50% – I don’t drive accountability in a consistent manner: 13% Where’s the accountability? A balanced mix of you are using incentives and […]

What’s the biggest challenge you face on projects?

Our reader poll today asks: What’s the biggest challenge you face on projects? – Our teams or leaders are disengaged: 20% – Scope creep: 33% – Internal politics: 33% – Loss of resources mid-project: 8% – What we build simply doesn’t work: 1% – Other: 5% Politics, Scope, and Disengagement. The big three killers of […]

Upcoming Event: Change Management Conference

Change management and project management professionals face obstacles between the planning and execution process ranging from lack of consensus, lack of resources, poor communication, poor management support and employee resistance. Because all of these can factor into the success of your initiative, these challenges can lower both the program’s success rate and the manager’s motivation. […]

Avoiding the 7 Deadly Killers of Projects

Most of the major initiatives we pursue are conducted as projects. Most projects blow up. There are seven common reasons our projects turn into dumpster fires. The good news is you can avoid them if you focus on them. Projects go off the rails all the time. Some statistics I’ve seen say only 1 in […]

Han Solo’s Secrets to Informal Leadership

Han Solo never wanted to be in the spotlight as THE hero but he always got the job done.  He can teach you how to be direct, take risks, and act decisively. I can’t help myself. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since first seeing A New Hope in 1977 at a drive in theater. […]

6 Reasons Your Offsites are Terrible

Your offsites and training programs aren’t effective because of a few typical planning mistakes. With a few tweaks and openness to changing your approach, you can run a great offsite. Offsites are a great way to share focused content, build relationships, spend time away from the office discussing key issues, and re-energize your team. More […]

How well do you balance the workload across your team?

Our reader poll today asks: How well do you balance the workload among the members of your team? – Very well — work is allocated fairly and effectively: 28.57% – Well — work allocations are fair for the most part: 61.9% – Not well — work allocations are often unfair and ineffective: 7.79% – Poorly […]

Overcoming the E-Mail as a Default Mindset

There are many fantastic collaboration tools that are much better than email.  To get your organization to use them effectively, you need to lead that cultural change for how you communicate. Today’s post is by Phil Simon, author of Message Not Received (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Peter Drucker once famously said, “Culture eats […]

An Easy Trick for Getting the Resources You Need

Resources are tough to come by.  By using a simple, logical approach, you can get your stakeholders to cough up those additional resources you need.  If they’re not willing to do so, at least they’ll understand why you can’t get everything they want done. One of your greatest responsibilities as the leader of a high-performing […]

7 Steps to Implementing Analytics Programs

Today’s post is by thoughtLEADERS instructor Maureen Metcalf and James Brenza, co-author of the Innovative Leaders Workbook to Implementing Analytics Programs. (CLICK HERE to get your copy) According to Thornton A. May, renowned futurist, “Change is accelerating (relative to data growth and computing capacity to harness it), and you need to take action at the […]