Leadership Tips for Turning Around a Slacker’s Performance

Do you have a Slacker on your team who isn’t pulling their weight?  Your leadership challenge with them is unlocking their motivation.  They have the talent.  You have to get them to apply it! The following is an excerpt from Lead Inside the Box: How Great Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results (you can […]

5 Steps Leaders Can Take to Fill the Digital Skills Gap

Today’s post is by Jeff Fernandez – co-founder and CEO of Grovo. Leading a company is much like managing a sports team, as each member of the collective must not only have the requisite individual skills to fill a role, but must also be thoroughly equipped to work within a larger system in order to […]

Do you consider your team to be “high performing?”

Our reader poll today asks: Do you consider your team to be “high performing?” – Absolutely — they’re consistently excellent: 26.32% – Kind of — they’re good but have room to improve: 60.15% – Not really — they’ve got their share of issues: 11.09% – Not at all — I’m in disaster-recovery mode: 2.44% Driving […]

Improve Your Team by Leading Inside the Box

The phrase “think outside the box” makes me physically ill.  It’s trite and isn’t at all applicable.  But inside the box?  That’s where great leaders go to get more out of their teams.  You can too with a simple assessment tool that provides insights as to how to most effectively lead the unique members of […]

4 Faulty Assumptions You Have about Giving Feedback

Today’s post is by Anna Carroll, author of The Feedback Imperative: How to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team’s Success (CLICK HERE to get your copy). If you are a manager, the chances are great that you dread giving honest feedback to your team members on a frequent basis. And yet it is […]

How good are you at giving difficult feedback promptly?

Our reader poll today asks: How good are you at giving difficult feedback promptly? – Great — I share difficult feedback immediately: 21.53% – OK — I give tough feedback with some hesitation: 60.76% – Not good — I struggle with giving tough feedback: 16.64% – Poor — I rarely share difficult feedback: 1.07% Prompt […]

When it Comes to Strategy, are You Sitting at the Kid’s Table?

Looking back on past holidays, you may remember what it felt like to be stuck at the kid’s table. But you’re a grown up now – so how come you’re still sitting at the kid’s table at work? I was recently interviewed by Anita Bruzzese for the Intuit blog. I figured you folks would like […]

5 Reasons Surveys Do Not Reveal Your Organization’s Culture

Today’s post is by Michael Henderson, author of Above the Line: How to Create a Company Culture that Engages Employees, Delights Customers and Delivers (CLICK HERE to get your copy). A company’s culture plays a significant role in driving performance, retaining staff and influencing customer experience. If you agree, then it might be time to […]

Why You Should Burn Your Ships for Motivation

Today’s post is by bestselling author Paul Smith. It’s from his newest book Parenting with a Story: Real-life lessons in character for parents and children to share (CLICK HERE to get your copy). He’s also the author of Lead with a Story – the basis of our course on Influencing through Storytelling. When Spanish Conquistador […]

Achieving a Balance of Great Work You Love to Do

Leading a balanced life is a critical aspect of performing well as a leader. There are two types of balance. We always think about work/life balance in terms of “how much time do I spend away from the office?” But there’s another kind of balance I encourage you to think about. I call it work/work […]