Stop Being a Victim of Your Work

I’d like to offer a perspective on choice, free will, and their implications in terms of how you view your work. “I have to finish this presentation.” “I have to go in early for the meeting.” “I have to answer all these emails before I go home.” “I have to follow our policy because that’s […]

12 Keys to Delivering a Litigation-Proof Warning Letter

Today’s post is by Johanna Harris, author of USE PROTECTION: An Employee’s Guide to Advancement in the Workplace (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Why a Written Warning is so Important A written warning is not simply the lens through which an underperforming employee can see his deficiencies and correct them. It is the backbone […]

What matters more – performance or attitude?

Our reader poll today asks: Whom would you rather lead as a member of your team? – High performer with an attitude problem: 44% – Mediocre performer with an average attitude: 23% – Low performer with a great attitude: 33% Performance over attitude.  It seems many of you are satisfied to deal with attitude problems […]

The Earth Isn’t Flat – Your Strategic Thinking Shouldn’t be Either

Today’s post is by James M. Kerr, author of The Executive Checklist (CLICK HERE to get your copy).  Recently, I was sitting across the table from a prospective client when they said, “We need an industry expert to help us do…” It made me laugh a bit, but, I felt compelled to ask, “Why? Is […]

Leading Beyond Problems and to Solutions

The following is an excerpt from One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership (you can get your copy here).  This post focuses on the importance of looking beyond the problems you face and coming up with solutions.  An authentic leader does not say what people want to hear, but instead says […]

3 Keys to Cultivating High-Return Relationships

Today’s post is by Gary Polsky, author of Selling Healthcare (CLICK HERE to get your copy). If you’re reading this, odds are you’re looking to take it to the next level in interacting with customers and colleagues (which includes just about everything except cyber crime).  I’m convinced you will experience greater professional success—and happiness—if you […]

Which of the following excites you the most about being a leader?

Our reader poll today asks: Which of the following excites you the most about being a leader? – Having an ability to positively influence and grow our business: 40% – Developing the next generation of leaders: 29% – Learning and growing personally and professionally: 23% – Getting to call the shots and make decisions: 4% […]

12 Ways to be a Great Leader

Today’s post is by Ritch Eich, author of Real Leaders Don’t Boss (CLICK HERE to get your copy) and Leadership Requires Extra Innings (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Real leaders, the kind we want to follow and emulate, are rare in today’s global, hyper-competitive and financially driven-world. In their place are fast-track wannabes and […]

How predictable is your boss’ leadership style?

Our reader poll today asks: How predictable is your boss’s leadership style? – I always know what to expect from my boss and how he or she leads: 22% – He or she is predictable most of the time but occasionally surprises me: 53% – My boss is mostly unpredictable, and I have to react […]

Finding Your Daily Motivation

I heard an interesting twist on an old question the other day.  People always ask the classic “what keeps you up at night?” question.  By the way – don’t ever ask that of your interviewer during a job interview.  It comes across as cheesy and stupid.  While the question itself is a little corny, the […]