How to Find Your Internal Motivation in Difficult Times

As leaders, we’re always going to go through difficult times. When we were more junior we had other people to pick us up when we fell down. As a kid it was a parent or a coach who would dust us off and say “Get back out there.” We’ve had bosses who have been helpful […]

Driving Strategic Change by Focusing on Fundamentals

Today’s post is by James M. Kerr, author of The Executive Checklist – A Guide to Setting Direction and Managing Change (CLICK HERE to get your copy). How does a company position itself to respond to the changes that the era of business globalization holds in store? Certainly, we can attempt to define the next […]

5 Phrases that Make You Sound Ridiculous

“At the end of the day…” You sound ridiculous.  You just don’t know it. Word choice matters.  We spend countless hours in meetings with colleagues discussing big, important ideas.  We write hundreds of documents making our case for one initiative or another.  We write thousands of emails.  We give dozens of presentations.  And you know […]

Tuning Up Your Strategy so the Wheels Don’t Fall Off

Today’s post is by Rich Horwath, author of Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking (CLICK HERE to get your copy). We’ve all heard the phrase, “The wheels came off,” to describe a situation where things went bad. Meetings, projects and even relationships all have the potential for “the wheels to come off.” Ironically, […]

Business Execution Lessons from the Kitchen

Today’s post is by Patrick Stroh, author of Business Strategy; Plan, Execute, Win! (CLICK HERE to get your copy). After 20 plus years of life in corporate America, it was time for a bit of a sabbatical. Or maybe better said, it was time to knock some stuff off my bucket list. You know, that […]

How do leaders in your organization handle the movement of talent?

Our reader poll today asks: How do leaders in your organization handle the movement of talent in the company? – We’re talent hoarders. We make it hard for people to move to new roles: 31% – We allow people to move if they really want to change roles: 30% – We encourage people to move […]

The Power of Self Reliance for Adversity in Modern Times

Today’s post is by thoughtLEADERS instructor Jan Rutherford who is leading another Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible expedition this October.  Check it out and sign up for the program if you’re courageous enough to do so… What role does character, courage and virtue play in business achievement, and how should we deal with the difficulties, obstacles and adversity […]

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Today’s post is by Annalee Peters writing on behalf of O.C. Tanner. For many employees, going to work is a dreaded chore. In fact, in the United States, approximately 70% of workers dislike their current job. That means that when they clock in in the morning and pull their chairs up to their desks, being […]

How to Strike the Right Balance between Guiding and Micromanaging

Today’s post is by Mark Nevius of Whether you’re an entrepreneur who has recently opened his first office and hired the first set of people, or an eager-to-please manager, micromanaging tendencies can set in any time. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Some people confuse being a hands-on boss with micromanaging their staff. […]

How much do you involve others in your decision-making?

Our reader poll today asks: How much do you involve others in your decision-making? – I always seek outside opinion before making a decision: 30% – I sometimes seek opinions but make many decisions alone:  63% – I rarely seek outside opinion and make most decisions alone: 6% – I never seek outside opinion when […]