Communicating Strategy is as Simple as Creating a Map

Strategy doesn’t have to be something reserved for executives or communicated in a secret language that most people don’t understand. By creating a simple strategy map, you can effectively communicate your strategy to your entire organization. Today’s post is by Sanjiv Anand, author of Execution Excellence (CLICK HERE to get your copy). A few years […]

How prevalent is “analysis paralysis” in your organization?

Our reader poll today asks: How prevalent is “analysis paralysis” in your organization? – Not at all — We do a great job of avoiding it: 12% – Somewhat — We occasionally get sucked into the data: 37% – Very — We spend too much time analyzing versus deciding: 38% – Extremely — We never […]

How You Can Lead with Influence

The notions of perception, visibility, and influence are the keys not only to better performance for your organization but they’ll also help you advance your career to the next level. Today’s post is by Joel Garfinkle, one of our great thoughtLEADERS instructors. How often have you looked at a situation in the company and thought […]

How to Spot and Handle Red Flags with Your Leadership

Leaders sometimes mistake form for function without truly understanding and appreciating the impacts on their teams. Failure to do so can lead to major issues. You need to think through what you want your team to deliver versus focusing on how they’re delivering it. Today’s post is by Robbie Hardy, author of Upsetting the Table […]

Do you have a reliable “right-hand person” on your team?

Our reader poll today asks: Do you have a reliable “right-hand person” on your team? – Yes — they’re always there to back me up and watch my back: 63% – Kind of — sometimes they back me up, but I wish they’d do more: 18% – No, but I could really use one: 19% […]

The Biggest Professional Development Mistake Leaders Make

Leaders often do a great job of investing in their people’s development but more often than not, they make a huge mistake when they do so – they forget to invest in themselves. I’m passionate about training. Good, applicable leadership training. I spoke with my good friends Jan Rutherford and Jim Vaselopulos of The Leadership […]

Peeling ‘Pineapple’ Problems Requires a Proven Process

If you have a challenging problem to solve, approaching it in a methodical and structured way can make you more efficient and effective in your search for a solution. Today’s post is by Mike Lynn, thoughtLEADERS instructor and  featured speaker at Executive Insight 16. Brazilians have a Portuguese idiom that we should have in English…”Descascar […]

How to Build Trust and Drive Performance by Setting Your Edge

Setting an “edge” as a leader solidifies your position in the group and spurs on solid performance. You need to set your edge hard and you can ease up over time once your people are performing like they should. Today’s post is by Colonel JV Venable, author of Breaking the Trust Barrier (CLICK HERE to […]

How well do you take on the role of being an informal leader?

Our reader poll today asks: How well do you take on the role of being an informal leader without direct authority? – Very — I regularly step into leadership roles and lead informally: 74% – Somewhat — I occasionally step into informal leadership roles : 23% – Not very — I tend to shy away […]

Are Great Leaders Born or Bred?

Are great leaders born or bred? Or is it some combination of the two? What are the defining characteristics that set great leaders apart and, more importantly, how can you build those capabilities in yourself? I had the pleasure of speaking with the great folks at Quality Digest recently. We discussed whether great leaders are […]