SWOTting Your Strategic Problems Away

Understanding the strategic environment you’re competing in is the foundation of any worthwhile strategic plan.  Fortunately there’s an easy way to get your arms around the complex market dynamics you face. Strategic planning requires you to understand the competitive landscape in which you’re operating. A great tool you can use to assess the environment is […]

The Leadership Mistake You Don’t Realize You’re Making

When you solve problems for the members of your team, you’re depriving them of the opportunity to learn and grow.  Learn to recognize if you have this tendency. The good news is there are ways to fix it if you do. Today’s post is by David Marquet, author of TURN YOUR SHIP AROUND! A Workbook […]

Do your team members bring you problems or solutions?

Our reader poll today asks: Are your team members more likely to bring you problems or bring you solutions? – All they do is come to me with problems: 11.03% – They mostly bring problems with an occasional solution: 66.91% – They bring more solutions than problems: 20.07% – They always bring me solutions: 1.99% […]

7 Great Leadership Lessons in Less than 10 Minutes Each

Today’s post is the third in a series by Paul Smith, thoughtLEADERS instructor and bestselling author of Lead With a Story As I’ve shared previously, I’d like to provide you some more great leadership lessons that you can immediately apply to the work you do.  Below are seven great lessons in easy-to-digest 10-minute podcasts you […]

Eliminating Your Blind Spots – Your Worst Enemy is Within

Business blind spots can lead intelligent leaders to make uninformed, poor decisions. Having regular access to new perspectives is key to avoiding blindspots. Today’s post is by Dr. Ben Gilad, author of Business Blindspots. In September 2014, RadioShack announced that it may be closer to bankruptcy than previously thought. The venerable electronic retailer which opened […]

Do your team members focus on the positive or the negative?

Our reader poll today asks: Do your team members focus more on what worries or what excites them about their work? – They constantly focus on their worries: 67.56% – They spend their time focused on what they’re excited about: 23.06% – I have no idea what they focus on: 9.38% Too much negativity. While […]

A Better Way to Resolve Conflict

Conflict is a part of life. Being a great leader requires you to stop being a mediator of that conflict and instead teach your team members how to resolve the conflict themselves. More often than not, high performing teams operate in high pressure environments. Many times on a high performing team you have some strong […]

A Tale of Two Retailers and Trust

Leaders who empower their team members get better results.  They make faster decisions, have the ability to act, and create dramatically better experiences for customers.  Here’s how you can empower your teams. Today’s post is by Dianna Booher, author of What MORE Can I Say? (CLICK HERE to get your copy). “Happy families are all […]

How do you view HR’s role as an employee advocate?

Our poll today asks: How do you view HR’s role as an employee advocate? – They’re not strong enough advocates for our employees: 65.32% – They’re good at balancing employee needs versus business needs: 25.9% – They advocate for employees at the expense of the business: 8.78% Employees need a champion. A leader is an […]

A Simple Fix for Better Board Meetings

Board meetings are a total pain. They can also be some of the most powerful get-togethers for your company. The difference between the two is how you approach the meeting itself. Before you say “I never present to the board” and stop reading, allow me to expand the definition of a board meeting. A board […]