5 Personal Leadership Lessons I Learned from My Daughter

Daughters are awesome. They’ll also make daddies insane. I’m blessed with two of them. I’ve learned a great deal about leadership from them and have grown personally a great deal from having them in my life. Here are a few things I’ve learned from my eldest. My eldest daughter Danielle just had a birthday. She’s […]

Be Careful Which Bus You Get On: Having a Fulfilling Life and Career

If you’re not mindful of the direction your life is headed, you might end up somewhere you’re unhappy with. Be deliberate and intentional about where you’re headed. Answer this set of four questions to get a better sense of your direction. Today’s post is by Donna Stoneham, PhD, author of The Thriver’s Edge (CLICK HERE […]

How well do you motivate your people?

Our reader poll today asks: How well do you motivate your people? – Extremely — they’re constantly fired up: 7.74% – Fairly — they’re motivated most of the time: 78.64% – Somewhat — I have to push to motivate them: 9.6% – Not very — it’s a struggle to motivate them: 4.02% They look to […]

Get More from Negotiations through Proper Anchoring

Most negotiations have an opening bid. That bid becomes the anchor that the rest of the negotiation centers upon. If you’re good at setting anchors – and at avoiding being anchored to a number you won’t like – you’ll get more out of your negotiations. There’s an interesting dynamic that can happen in negotiations. It’s […]

Are You Stuck In The Manager’s Dilemma?

A by-product of our “overworked economy” is that it is increasingly easy to inadvertently slip into unproductive habits that make it hard to get great work done. However, one quality that distinguishes the good leaders from the truly great ones is the capacity to recognize and shift those patterns in real-time. Today’s post is by […]

6 Reasons Your Offsites are Terrible

Your offsites and training programs aren’t effective because of a few typical planning mistakes. With a few tweaks and openness to changing your approach, you can run a great offsite. Offsites are a great way to share focused content, build relationships, spend time away from the office discussing key issues, and re-energize your team. More […]

The Importance of Hiring for Outcomes

By identifying your organization’s critical outcomes, you can find star performers who can consistently produce the desired results for your organization. Today’s post is by Greg Long and Butler Newman, coauthors of The New Game Changers: Driving Performance by Focusing on What Matters (CLICK HERE to get your copy). On June 17, Mike Figliuolo wrote […]

How well do you set aside time to do things for yourself?

Our reader poll today asks: How well do you set aside time to do things for yourself? – Very well — I regularly carve out time for myself: 15.56% – Well — I carve out some time but could do more: 38.77% – Not well — I don’t often carve out time for myself: 30.12% […]

Do you give your team specific guidance or broad guidelines?

Our reader poll today asks: Do you give your team specific guidance or broad guidelines? – I give them very specific guidance: 28.67% – I give them broad guidelines and let them figure it out: 71.33% Set direction and set them loose. We hear a lot about “empowerment” but almost a third of us aren’t […]

How to Resist The Power of the Ding

Our electronic devices ding at us all day long. It feels impossible to resist. But if you can fight the urge to check it, you’ll be happier in the long run. Today’s post is by Deirdre Maloney, author of Bogus Balance: Your Journey to Real Work/ Life Bliss. (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Well […]