3 Ways to Elevate Women in Your Organization and Win in the Market

Organizations that advance women in the ranks of leadership outperform their competition. Here are three ways to advance women in your organization and win in the marketplace. Today’s post is from Dr. Joelle Jay, author of The New Advantage (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Fortune 500 companies are spending $8 billion per year on diversity […]

How well does your organization understand and use data?

Our poll today asks: How well does your organization understand and use data? – Very — we are effective at generating data-based insights: 29% – Kind of — we generate insights but it takes some effort: 41% – Not very — we tend to get sucked into analysis paralysis: 19% – Not at all — […]

How to Deal with Crazy Policies and Crazy People

We deal with a lot of craziness in the workplace ranging from crazy policies to crazy people. The better you’re equipped to handle those situations before they happen, the more successfully you’ll be able to navigate them. Today’s post is by Paul Smith, thoughtLEADERS instructor and bestselling author of Lead With a Story. I’d like […]

How to Deal with Brilliant Jerks

Brilliant jerks are great to have around because they’re brilliant but they’re equally painful to have because they’re jerks. As a leader, the way you treat these brilliant jerks tells your organization a lot about what you value… and what you don’t. Today’s post is by Chris Laping, author of People Before Things: Change Isn’t […]

How rigorous is your strategic planning process?

Our poll today asks: How rigorous is your strategic planning process? – Very — We do a great job of annual strategic planning: 25% – Kind of — We usually update last year’s strategic plan: 42% – Not very — We only do it if there’s been a major market change: 15% – What’s strategic […]

Leadership, Listening, and Coffee

Learning about leadership can be as easy as plugging in your earphones and sipping your coffee. Listen and learn some new perspectives on leadership, training, authenticity, and attracting talent. I’m fortunate to run with an awesome crowd of interesting, entertaining leaders. Every once in a while I’m afforded the opportunity to speak live with them […]

Have you ever had to deal with someone stealing credit for your work?

Our poll today asks: Have you ever had to deal with someone stealing credit for your work? – Yes — someone has publicly taken credit for my work: 85% – No — I’ve never had to deal with a credit thief: 15% Confronting a Credit Thief. There are few things more frustrating than someone stealing […]

Eliminating BS is the Key to Authenticity

Being authentic means you have to abandon buzzwords and B.S. Sharing who you truly are is the best way to establish a connection and build trust with your team. Today’s post is an excerpt from One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership (CLICK HERE to get your copy). The only way […]

How frequently do you spend time writing?

Our poll today asks: How frequently do you spend time writing (blogs, journaling, articles, etc.)? – Very — I write regularly every week: 16% – Somewhat — I’ll write occasionally as the mood strikes: 21% – Not at all — I’ll write only when absolutely necessary: 63% Writing Makes You Better. Finding the time and […]

Managing Up is About Expectation Management

Managing up can be challenging. Failure to meet your boss’s informational needs can lead to bad decisions and frustrating interactions. Learn how to manage up more effectively. Sometimes it’s harder to manage your boss than it is to manage your team. All senior stakeholders can prove challenging to keep control of. Fail to do so […]