The 16th Century Word That Gives You a Strategic Advantage

By changing the way you approach stakeholder interests, you can drive better performance. Instead of using a sequential and conflict-driven approach, you can take a different tack that promotes harmony and collaboration. Today’s post is by Nancy Falls, author of Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom: 10 Imperatives To Drive High Performing Companies (CLICK HERE to […]

Which method do you use when allocating work?

Our reader poll today asks: Which method do you use when allocating work? – To the first person available: 0.75% – Based on skill set only: 5.09% – Based on skill, availability and interest: 84.88% – I shift resources to the highest priority item: 9.28% – Based on first-in, first-out: 0% Work allocation is multi-dimensional. […]

Read Less and Listen More to Be a Better Leader

Sometimes you can learn more from listening than you can from reading. I know I’ve been asking you to do a lot of reading lately so today I’m changing it up and giving your eyeballs a rest. Instead I’m going to give your ears something to do with a bunch of interviews you can listen […]

Simple Leadership Techniques That Save You Time

Leaders are tired of simply being told to “do better” and instead they hunger for practical and simple guidance on how to do that. Learn some simple techniques for being a better leader and saving time in the process. Today’s post is part two of a longer interview conducted by Wally Bock. (You can read […]

How comfortable are you asking questions you don’t know the answers to?

Our reader poll today asks: How comfortable are you asking questions you don’t know the answers to? – Very — I have no problem asking questions about any topic: 84.4% – Somewhat — I don’t do it very often: 13.42% – Not very — I tend to only ask questions I know the answer to: […]

The Mistake Leaders Make When Trying to be Fair

Every leader wants to be fair to their team members. Unfortunately many leaders make a very simple mistake when thinking about and acting on fairness.  Once they make a simple mental shift, they can truly be fair to all the members of their team. Today’s post is taken from a longer interview conducted by Wally […]

The World’s Newest Approach for Being a Great Leader

Looking for an edge? Or perhaps a way to get out from under that crushing pressure that pounds on you day after day? If you’re tired of complex tools and approaches to being a better leader, you’ll be thrilled with the world’s newest approach to leading your team more effectively. IT’S FINALLY HERE! Our new […]

Do you consider your team to be high-performing?

Our reader poll today asks: Do you consider your team to be high-performing? – Absolutely — we’re a very high-performing team: 41.84% – Kind of — we have moments of high performance: 47.11% – Not really — we rarely have high-performing moments: 6.05% – Definitely not — this team needs a lot of improvement: 5% […]

Powerful Techniques for Oiling That Squeaky Wheel on Your Team

We’ve all dealt with that “Squeaky Wheel” who constantly abuses our open door policy. Your task as a leader is to make them more self-sufficient so you can get more of your own work done. Squeaky Wheels can be a huge time sink. You can either tolerate their interruptions or change their behaviors. In our […]

How a Reorganization Became a Leadership Disaster

Reorganizations are usually painful and ugly – but they don’t have to be. If you’re thoughtful about how you place talent during a transition, things can be great. Fail to do so, however, and you’re headed for disaster. If you’re tasked with leading a team through a reorg, you need to tread carefully. It’s easy […]