5 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Achieve Breakthrough Business

Fostering innovation requires a different mindset. Organizations have a tendency to stifle ideas and kill creativity. Fortunately, there a few simple steps you can take to get the creative juices flowing again and generate breakthrough ideas. Today’s post is by Dr. Liz Alexander. Just as bass gobble up minnows, big companies swallow small ones. One […]

How is culture reinforced in your organization?

Our poll today asks: How is culture reinforced in your organization? – We micromanage people to drive it: 11% – We use principles for people to adhere to: 44% – We share stories that reinforce culture: 19% – We don’t focus on reinforcing culture: 20% – We do something not on this list: 5% Principles and […]

Work isn’t Worth a Heart Attack

Work is a convenient excuse for not taking care of yourself. Not exercising, poor diet, and stress are a bad combination. You’ve got to make time for you. Work will always be there when you get back. Just over a year ago, I had a heart attack. A second heart attack. Yep. Two. The first […]

4 Ways to Get Great Business Results through Workplace Equality

Women are a valuable part of any corporation’s workforce. How you treat your female employees says much about your business philosophy and your attitude towards equality. Today’s post is from Carlynne McDonnell, author of The Every Woman’s Guide To Equality (CLICK HERE to get your copy). The goals of any business, large or small, should […]

How rigorous is your organization about business planning?

Our poll today asks: How rigorous is your organization about business planning? – Very — we write thorough business plans: 21% – Somewhat — we’ll write OK business plans: 36% – Not very — we rarely write business plans: 31% – Not at all — what’s a business plan?: 13% Business Plans Aren’t Only for […]

Getting the Most out of Your Alma Mater

Your college education is worth much more than the math and English you learned. If you’re not taking advantage of (and giving back to) your alma mater, you’re missing out on some great opportunities. My college experience was… well… less than fun. The United States Military Academy prides itself on giving you the most spartan […]

How to Design an Attractive Benefits Package for Millennials

With graduates passing on more graduate jobs than ever, it’s critical to design a benefits package that will entice the best millennials to your business. Today’s post is from Matt Arnerich of graduate jobs specialists Inspiring Interns. For companies keen on attracting graduates into junior roles, there’s more competition than ever. Especially with the top […]

How “in touch” with the front lines are your leaders?

Our poll today asks: How “in touch” with the front lines are your leaders? – Very — they understand the front line very well: 13% – Kind of — they generally know what’s going on with the front line: 36% – Not very — they are mostly in the dark about the front line: 35% […]

Using Stretch and Commit Goals to Drive Performance

Goal setting is tricky business. You’ll get much better performance if you set two goals for your team – a “commit” and a “stretch.” Once you’ve done so, paying for performance is more of a math equation than it is black magic. If you want your people to hit their goals, you should probably give […]

Become a Better Leader in Two Days

You can improve your leadership skills in two days and have a great time doing it. Learn tools and techniques related to leadership, strategy, communication, decision making, problem solving, storytelling, resilience, innovation, and more at Executive Insight 16. Our firm rarely offers public sessions of our programs. Here’s an opportunity for you to attend one […]