6 Questions You MUST Ask to Prevent Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service has an incalculable cost and long-lasting repercussions.  Here are 6 questions you can ask to prevent those issues from happening in the first place. Today’s post is by Angie Morgan, author of Leading from the Front (CLICK HERE to get your copy). It was 1984. A colleague of mine had an unpleasant […]

How engaged are the members of your team?

Our reader poll today asks: How engaged are the members of your team? – Highly engaged: 27.49% – Mostly engaged: 48.86% – Somewhat engaged: 17.76% – Not engaged: 3.65% – Actively disengaged: 2.43% You need them all engaged. While it’s great that almost 80% of you have a mostly or highly engaged team, having 20% […]

4 Ways Your Competencies Drive Your Strategy

Core competencies can help you decide which initiatives to pursue and which ones to avoid. By appreciating what you’re great at and applying it to your initiative portfolio, you can achieve a much higher level of success. One critical aspect of strategic planning is deciding where you will or will not compete. A way I […]

4 Steps to Transform Big Man Leadership Into Change Agent Leadership

Moving from “big man leadership” to demonstrating “change agent leadership” requires you to approach your work in new ways.  Here are 4 steps to making that transformation. Today’s post is by Dean Williams, author of Leadership for a Fractured World (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Leadership for a fractured world is a complex topic, […]

Which of these threats pose the greatest risk to your business?

Our reader poll today asks: Which of the following poses the greatest risk to your business? – Lack of diversification: 14.29% – Rapidly changing markets: 22.53% – Access to the right talent: 31.68% – Aggressive competition: 19.6% – Shifts in technology: 11.9% Many Threats. Threats abound. Market shifts, lack of talent, competition, and lack of […]

How We Can Make Leadership Real Again

Leadership isn’t about buzzwords or frameworks. It’s about real connections between real people.  When we can be brave enough to truly be ourselves and be authentic, we can make those connections. I’ve written my manifesto (no, I’m not wearing sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt so call off the FBI and ATF). It’s a leadership manifesto. […]

Leveling Lake Wobegon – 5 Ways to Fight Grade Inflation in Performance Ratings

Performance review ratings can be tricky business.  No one likes to hand out low ratings but no one wants grade inflation either.  Here are 5 ways you can prevent grad inflation from happening. Today’s post is by Victor Prince, one of our thoughtLEADERS instructors and co-author of Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide […]

Which of these characteristics is the most dangerous leadership trait?

Our reader poll today asks: Which of these characteristics is the most dangerous leadership trait? – Excessively ambitious: 6.53% – Being short-tempered: 13.46% – Indecisiveness and over-cautiousness: 32.3% – Lack of vision: 22.02% – Selfishness: 25.69% Dangerous Traits. From the looks of it, folks find short-sighted, indecisive, selfish leaders to be the worst of all. […]

Why You Need to Drive Toward Solutions

In addition to leading your people, you need to lead the thinking. Here’s a simple way to push your thinking further along before you start advancing your ideas. The following is an excerpt from One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership (CLICK HERE to get your copy). As a young management […]

Overcoming the E-Mail as a Default Mindset

There are many fantastic collaboration tools that are much better than email.  To get your organization to use them effectively, you need to lead that cultural change for how you communicate. Today’s post is by Phil Simon, author of Message Not Received (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Peter Drucker once famously said, “Culture eats […]