Why Boiling Ideas Down Will Always Burn You

Getting to the essence of an idea by “boiling things down” can lead you to create less-than-compelling arguments and recommendations. Instead of boiling things down, think instead about creating a core idea that will resonate with your audience. I hear it all the time: “Let’s boil this idea down.” That’s a huge communication mistake. What […]

3 Steps for Dealing with an Upset Team Member

When team members are upset, there are three steps you can take to quickly help them work through their issue and feel better again. Today’s post is by Marc Robertson, author of Working With Millennials (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Whether you are leading a small team or a large company, eventually you are […]

What are the most important “services” you provide your team?

Our reader poll today asks: What are the most important “services” you provide your team? – Directing — setting direction, priorities and coordinating efforts: 29% – Doing — making decisions, clearing obstacles and getting things done: 26% – Delivering — ensuring quality and managing change: 5% – Developing — training, coaching and growing your team: […]

Improve Your Culture, Buy a Chicken!

Building a remarkable organization is all about building the right culture. By focusing on values, living them every day, and remembering how your people create value for you and you for them, you can create the distinctive culture you seek. Today’s post is by Dr. Randy Ross, author of Remarkable! (CLICK HERE to get your […]

How well do reorganizations go in your organization?

Our reader poll today asks: How well do reorganizations go in your organization? – They’re great — smooth with no issues: 5% – They’re OK — we get through them with one or two issues: 42% – They’re bad — we really struggle with them: 33% – They’re horrible — our reorgs are typically a […]

Upcoming Event: Change Management Conference

Change management and project management professionals face obstacles between the planning and execution process ranging from lack of consensus, lack of resources, poor communication, poor management support and employee resistance. Because all of these can factor into the success of your initiative, these challenges can lower both the program’s success rate and the manager’s motivation. […]

Transparency is a Leader’s Best Friend

A leader’s ability to communicate and be completely transparent is a key to forming a cohesive team that’s built upon trust. While it may be scary to share everything, the benefits of doing so are undeniable. Today’s post is by Steve Goldstein, author of Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami? which will be available in September. […]

Would you rather be seen as being a fair leader or a just one?

Our reader poll today asks: Would you rather be seen as being a fair leader or a just one? – I’d rather be seen as being fair: 44% – I’d rather be seen as being just: 56% Justice Beats Fairness. Life’s not fair. Not everyone will be happy with the decisions you make and there […]

6 Steps for Success When You Get Layered at Work

Getting “layered” at work is stressful and frustrating. Having a new boss inserted above you between you and your existing boss changes all relationship dynamics. Fortunately there are 6 key steps you can take to successfully navigate a “layering.” Things are awesome at work until that dreadful day your boss (with whom you have an […]

10 Tips for Emerging Business Leaders

Every great leader is constantly looking for ways to improve their performance. Everyone has the basics of leadership – the true differentiators are the unconventional ideas like getting involved in the arts. Here are 10 great tips that all emerging leaders should pay heed to. Today’s post is by Ritch Eich, Ph.D., author of Truth, […]