How to Lead People Who Have Never Followed

What’s the biggest risk facing the leaders of most entrepreneurial ventures? It’s not closing that first round of funding or landing a cornerstone customer. As with most things, it all comes back to people — and your ability to lead those who don’t have much practice following. It’s easy to get seduced by the investors, […]

How Being Different Strengthens Your Leadership Style

Today’s post is by Ron West, author of Corporate Caterpillars: How to Grow Wings (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Have you mastered awareness? Have you developed associations and rituals to help you quickly restore and maintain a state of awareness? Have you used that state to get real about yourself? Did you, perhaps, discover […]

Are you up for the challenge of a leadership crucible?

As leaders, we rarely get the time for self-reflection and development.  When we do, we need to ensure the experiences we have can fundamentally alter our trajectories in a positive way.  I’ve found that those types of experiences require immersion in a challenging environment because those situations teach us a great deal about ourselves in […]

5 Ways to Revamp Your Leadership Style

Today’s post is a contribution by Richard McMunn of How2become. No matter what your chosen career field is, without demonstrating leadership skills along with the rest of your talents the chances are that your career will be stagnant. Leadership skills are a must in any career path these days. So how to you know that […]

How closely will you follow your strategic plan this year?

Our reader poll today asks: How closely do you think you will follow your strategic plan this year? – We’ll generally follow the plan but expect a few major deviations: 76% – We’ll follow it to the letter: 12% – We may do a few things in the plan but generally ignore it: 10% – […]

Using Guidelines to Make Better Decisions

We need guidance during challenging times. We need something to keep us within healthy and productive boundaries. We are human and make mistakes. Having personal guidelines that we live our lives by will remind us how we want to behave and keeps us safe and on track. This does not have to be a detailed […]

How to Identify and Utilize Matrix Thinkers

Today’s post is by Holly Regan. Winning teams need a balanced mix of talented players, placed in roles that best utilize each of their strengths. Software Advice recently published a series of articles identifying the personalities of four types of top performers, their strengths and weaknesses and the jobs in which they excel. One personality […]

The Critical Importance of Giving Prompt Feedback

The following is an excerpt from One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership (you can get your copy here).  This post focuses on the importance of giving people the feedback they need to hear as soon as they need to hear it.  If you are committing to a team member’s growth […]

Workaholic? 2 Easy Ways to Stop Working So Hard

Today’s post is by Liz Scully. I work too hard, and I’m guessing if you’re an entrepreneur, you do too. Many of my coaching clients are the same and I help them with manage their time and set realistic goals. Sometimes it’s easier to help other people fix a problem than do it yourself. But […]

A 5 Step Procedure for Effectively Disciplining Employees

Today’s post is by Allison Rice of Amsterdam Printing. There is nothing more rewarding for a manager than rewarding employees for a job well done. Whether it’s handing out well-deserved compliments that you know will make your employees feel satisfied, telling them how they contributed to the success of an initiative or a project, or […]