When does providing feedback become too distracting?

Our reader poll today asks: When does providing feedback become too distracting? – Never. All feedback is great to give and receive: 12% – Sometimes. People don’t always provide actionable feedback: 71% – Often. Too much feedback becomes distracting and confusing: 14% – All of the time. Enough with the feedback already. Let’s do some […]

3 Key Skills You Must Have to Lead a High Performing Team

As the leader of a high performing team, you’re personally responsible for making sure your team has the required set of skills to succeed and execute against all the initiatives on your prioritization list. You need to evaluate your team’s mission, look at the key initiatives, and then map out the skills and capabilities required […]

What Makes a Group Smart?

Today’s post is is adapted from a longer interview with Thomas Malone, conducted by Art Kleiner of strategy+business. What if you could measure the intelligence of a group? What if you could predict which committees, assigned to design a horse, would end up with a camel, versus which would develop a thoroughbred—or a race car? […]

How do you deal with team members who disrupt the team dynamic?

Our reader poll today asks: How do you deal with team members who disrupt the team dynamic? – Coach them and better integrate them into the team: 65% – Remove them from the team for the greater good: 18% – Accept it and work around them: 17% Disruptive team members can be more destructive than […]

5 Keys to Successfully Allocating Work Across Your Team

As the leader of a high-performing team, how you distribute and balance work across the members of that team is a critical success factor. It needs to be done fairly. Note, I didn’t say equally. Work allocation needs to be done fairly because you want your team to operate on the basis of equality. You […]

How Embracing Risk is the Key to Business Success

Today’s post is by By Tom Panaggio, author of The Risk Advantage: Embracing the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge (CLICK HERE to get your copy). The time has come for the reprogramming of American business leadership. No longer can companies simply “play not to lose” by anchoring to the archaic habit of detailed five year planning, staunchly imposing […]

Think Like a Senior Executive and Ask More Questions

Do you know the difference between a “worker bee” and a senior executive? Have you ever wondered what it takes to move up in the world to those loftier roles? It’s pretty simple. You need to move from a world where you provide all the answers to a world where you ask all the questions. […]

Learning to Achieve Success through Failure

Today’s post is by Lori Ann LaRocco, author of Opportunity Knocking: Lessons from Business Leaders, (CLICK HERE to get your copy) and producer on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Every leader, no matter what industry they operate in, has had a moment when they either rise to the occasion or fail. Wall Street is littered with the […]

7 Steps to Building a High-Performing Team

We all want to lead high-performing teams but where should one begin? Not every team has the ability to be high-performing but I guarantee it won’t be high-performing if you don’t focus on getting it there. In my experience, there are 7 steps to building a high-performing team.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been […]

The Importance of Being an Improvisational Leader

Today’s post is by Fred Cook is the CEO of Golin and author of IMPROVISE: Unconventional Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Every night at clubs like the Improv in Los Angeles and Second City in Chicago, aspiring comedians make improvising look easy. Drawing from the archives of their own […]