How rigorous is your approach to pricing your products or services?

Our reader poll today asks: How rigorous is your approach to pricing your products or services? – Very — we’re pretty analytical and rigorous about it: 58% – Somewhat — we do some analysis and occasionally focus on it: 29% – Not very — we infrequently analyze and focus on pricing: 8% – Not at […]

Getting Paid to Execute Your Strategy

If incentives aren’t aligned with your strategy, the likelihood of you reaching your objectives is pretty low. Be sure you clearly link your incentive plan to the strategic outcomes you’re trying to achieve. People do what they get paid to do. If incentives aren’t aligned with your goals and strategic outcomes, you’re not going to […]

Overcoming Strategy Communication Pitfalls

Strategy execution is still a relatively new topic in business and leaders struggle how to do it. They face many execution challenges and the top one is communicating the strategy. If you understand the most common pitfalls in communication, hopefully you can avoid them. Today’s post is by Robin Speculand, author of Excellence in Execution […]

Leadership Lessons from Tragedies, Near-Misses, Hardships, and Mistakes

Great leaders learn from even the worst situations – perhaps especially the worst. Find out what some great leaders learned from holding a man’s hand as he took his dying breath at work, a falling crate smashing to bits on the factory floor a few feet from visitors, a painstaking walk across the entire country […]

Can Thought Leadership Be Quantified and Measured? Oh YES!

The ROI of thought leadership can be hard to quantify but there is definitely a return on the investment. Positioning yourself as an expert carries huge benefits. Today’s post is by Ken Lizotte, author of The Speaker’s Edge (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Positioning yourself and your firm as a leading edge thinker and […]

3 Simple Tools to Create the Needed Commitment to Change

Any major change initiative requires effort to bring people along and get them committed. The keys to doing so are stakeholder involvement, communication, and involvement. Today’s post is by R. Kendall Lyman and Tony C. Daloisio, authors of Change the Way You Change (CLICK HERE to get your copy). A few years ago, we were […]

Treat Your People Like Individuals to Get Better Engagement

The following is an excerpt from One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership (CLICK HERE to get your copy). This post focuses on the importance of knowing and treating the members of your team as individuals. The better you understand your people, the better you will relate to them. First you […]

How to Stop Your Boss from Sabotaging Your Career

Have you ever been in line for a promotion or a transfer to a cool new role only to find out your boss was squashing your efforts to make that leap? Here are some tips on how to deal with them sabotaging your career. Many of us have been there – you hear about a […]

Being an Authentic Leader Versus Just Being Different

Authenticity isn’t difficult – just be yourself. Aha! Now that can be difficult. Authenticity requires us to make ourselves vulnerable. To share what makes us who we really are. While that may be scary, you’ll find the benefits of that vulnerability are immeasurable. We sometimes mistake being different for being authentic. Being different is fine […]

Five Actions You Can Take to Enhance Employee Engagement

If you want more engaged employees, start from day one with their onboarding, meet their needs on flexibility, and treat them with dignity – always. Today’s post is by Cornelia Gamlem and Barbara Mitchell, authors of The Big Book of HR (CLICK HERE to get your copy). In today’s competitive environment, leaders want to make […]