What Leaders can do to Develop a Positive, Productive Culture

Culture is the sum of daily actions. If leaders are able to make small daily interactions into positive moments, a positive culture can emerge where people perform better and the organization generates more impact than anyone thought possible. Today’s post is by Marcella Bremer, author of Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive […]

How well do you handle an unexpected personal crisis at work?

Our reader poll today asks: How well do you handle an unexpected personal crisis at work? Very well. I deal with the issue productively and can resume work effectively: 33.3% Well. I deal with the issue but it has some negative work effects: 51.9% Not well. Personal crises tend to throw my work off substantially: […]

To Lead Across Generations Leaders Must Look in the Mirror

If leaders want to solve the challenges of the 4-generation workplace, they need to look in the mirror. Leadership is not generational, it’s relational. Today’s post is by Kelly Riggs and Robby Riggs, authors of Counter Mentor Leadership (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Generational conflict in the workplace is an almost universal topic of discussion. […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Impromptu Speaking

Speaking spontaneously can be a powerful way for leaders to communicate with their teams. But such spontaneity comes with many pitfalls that can derail the speaker’s message. Beware of rambling on, using inappropriate humor, and not staying attuned to your audience. Today’s post is by Judith Humphrey, author of Impromptu: Leading in the Moment (CLICK […]

A Simple Sales Tip for Maintaining Great Relationships

How effective are you at maintaining client relationships? Do you stay in touch with them or do you lose the relationship over time? Do your clients and prospects respond to your messages or do your emails end up in a black hole? Here’s a simple tip for maintaining contact with your clients and prospects. Client […]

Change Management Is Dead: The Rise of Progress Leadership

The way we traditionally define what it means to be brave can be our greatest obstacle. Simply shifting our focus can be the gateway to powerful results. Today’s post is by Dean Lindsay, author of How to Achieve Big Phat Goals (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Change Management is a business term relating to […]