How willing are you to make sacrifices for your team?

Our reader poll today asks: How willing are you to make sacrifices for your team? – Very — They get everything I have regardless of the cost to me: 23% – Mostly — I’ll make sacrifices for them up to a point: 68% – Kind of — I’ll make a sacrifice if it isn’t too […]

What it Really Takes to Run Your Own Firm

People tell me all the time “I want to do what you do.” They have some glorified vision of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The day to day grittiness of it is something that few understand. Here’s a view into that day to day. Entrepreneurship is a great life – as long as […]

This Hidden Enemy is Making Your Job Harder than Necessary

We can be victims of our own thoughts holding us back. False equivalencies limit our beliefs and can turn our greatest strengths into barriers and limitations. Today’s post is by Elizabeth B. Crook, author of Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next (CLICK HERE to get your copy). As a business leader, you know […]

Being an Authentic Leader Versus Just Being Different

Authenticity isn’t difficult – just be yourself. Aha! Now that can be difficult. Authenticity requires us to make ourselves vulnerable. To share what makes us who we really are. While that may be scary, you’ll find the benefits of that vulnerability are immeasurable. We sometimes mistake being different for being authentic. Being different is fine […]

Five Actions You Can Take to Enhance Employee Engagement

If you want more engaged employees, start from day one with their onboarding, meet their needs on flexibility, and treat them with dignity – always. Today’s post is by Cornelia Gamlem and Barbara Mitchell, authors of The Big Book of HR (CLICK HERE to get your copy). In today’s competitive environment, leaders want to make […]

Breaking Out of Silos to Operate in the Matrix

We’re increasingly asked to operate in complex matrix environments but face the challenge of breaking down the silos. It takes a different approach to communication if you want to work in the matrix instead of being stuck in a silo. The more complex our organizations get, the more dependent we are upon one another to […]

3 Steps to Train Your Brain to Become a Smarter, Happier Leader

It’s possible to be a smarter, happier, healthier leader. To be one requires regular training of your brain to react differently to the world around you. Today’s post is by Amy Blankson, author of The Future of Happiness (CLICK HERE to get your copy). As business leaders and effective communicators, it is our job to […]

How comfortable are you with giving critical feedback?

Our reader poll today asks: How comfortable are you with giving critical feedback? – Very — I have no problem delivering tough messages: 26% – Mostly — I’m good at it except in a few situations: 49% – Not very — I find it tough to deliver critical feedback: 22% – Not at all — […]

You Wouldn’t Fly with a B Player Pilot so Why Have One on Your Team?

While we all want teams full of “A Players” we seem to be saddled with lots of B and C players. Instead of resigning yourself to that fate of mediocrity, be more demanding and fill your roster with A Players instead. Today’s post is by Rick Crossland, author of The A Player (CLICK HERE to […]

Overcoming the Fear of Giving Tough Feedback

Tough feedback is difficult to deliver so leaders avoid doing so. That leads to negative dynamics for the person who needs the feedback, for the leader, and for the company. Overcome your fear of delivering tough feedback with a few simple techniques. Today’s post is by Angela Sebaly, author of The Courageous Leader (CLICK HERE […]