How well do you remember to treat your team members like individuals?

Our reader poll today asks: How well do you remember to treat your team members like the individuals they are? Very – I treat everyone like an individual.: 70.1% Mostly – sometimes I forget to treat them as individuals.: 27.9% Not very – I often treat them like cogs in a machine.: 0.8%% Not at all […]

Key Leadership Traits that Help You Through a Crisis

When facing a crisis, collaboration, flexibility, empathy, and resiliency are the hallmarks of leaders who successfully navigate turbulent waters. Today’s post is by Ron Schutz, author of American Fathers (CLICK HERE to get your copy). The true colors of leaders appear during a crisis and Hurricane Harvey was a shining example. From the Mayor and […]

Has your boss ever sabotaged your efforts to take on a new role?

Our reader poll today asks: Has your boss ever sabotaged your efforts to take on a new role? Absolutely. They ruined a good opportunity for me.: 49.6% Maybe. They didn’t support me the way they should have.: 28.3% Never. They’ve always encouraged me to take new roles.: 22.1% Talent hoarding is career sabotage. Unfortunately the majority […]

Leadership Lessons Learned from the Avengers

The Avengers can teach us a lot about leadership. Leading a team of high performing and high potential individuals carries with it a unique set of challenges. If you overcome those challenges, you can unlock something special. In the spirit of Avengers: Infinity War hype, I figured I’d resurrect this post I wrote several years […]

Occam’s Razor and Leadership Excellence

Simplicity can drive outstanding results. Providing your organization simple guidance and a clear desired outcome enables your people to spend more time executing instead of wasting time on unnecessary activities. Today’s post is by Gary Morton, author of Commanding Excellence (CLICK HERE to get your copy). The principle of Occam’s Razor has influenced many of […]

Should you focus on great technology or a great operation?

Our reader poll today asks: Which is more important: having a great technology to sell or a great operation that sells it? It’s all about the tech. It’ll sell itself. :15.5% Operations and execution is where it’s at.: 84.5% The tech is the easy part. No matter how great your technology is, if you can’t sell […]