Leadership Lessons from the Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman has brought an incredibly powerful and entertaining hero to the forefront. We would all do well to learn some leadership lessons from the Black Panther. If you haven’t seen the Black Panther yet, go. Now. Read this blog post later. There are probably spoilers in it. I loved the Black Panther. The storyline […]

Be a Better Leader by Wagging Your Tail

Dogs can teach us a thing or two. Have you ever thought about how to apply canine behavior to your leadership style? There are interesting approaches your dog would encourage you to try if you want to be a better leader. Today’s post is by Krissi Barr, co-author of The Fido Factor: How to Get […]

Are you a procrastinator on big projects?

Our reader poll today asks: Are you a procrastinator on big projects? – Absolutely not – I tackle projects as soon as I can: 24% – Not really – I’ll procrastinate from time to time: 44% – Kind of – I put off most things with a few exceptions: 24% – Absolutely – I always wait […]

How to Tell a Story with Data

Data can be boring even if it’s critically important. If you learn how to tell a story with data, however, the results can be compelling, interesting, and impactful. Today’s post is by Paul Smith, thoughtLEADERS principal and bestselling author of Lead With a Story and  Sell With a Story. Have you ever been hammered with […]

3 Ways to Find Your Entrepreneurial Passion

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you would do well to understand your passions, know what you’re good at, and what people will pay you for. Find the intersection of those three things to be successful. Today’s post is by Kavita Sahai,CEO and Founder of Have BIGplans, LLC. So you’ve decided you want to become an entrepreneur, and […]

How would you characterize your approach to growing your business?

Our reader poll today asks: How would you characterize your approach to growing your business? – I lean toward “structured” and focus on pragmatic planning and execution: 56% – I lean toward “creative” and always generate new, interesting ideas: 44% Balancing creativity with structure. It’s a pretty even split between structure and creativity, with the edge […]