How to Convince ‘Her’ to Stay

Women leaving companies is for their families, it is because they don’t feel valued or listened to within their work environment. Today’s post is by Rania H. Anderson, author of WE (CLICK HERE to get your copy). I hear the lament all the time, “Women leave at mid-career.” “We do well hiring women, but most of them […]

What’s your approach to onboarding new managers?

Our reader poll today asks:  What’s your approach to onboarding new managers? We have a rigorous, comprehensive onboarding program: 15% We provide some initial onboarding then leave it up to that manager: 42% We provide bare-bones onboarding: 23% We throw them in the deep end and let them fend for themselves: 20% Setting them up […]

Executive Decision Making Skills For Your Business

Developing and honing your executive decisive making process is not only a key part of career growth but a necessity for the success of your business. There are three major considerations that separate executive decision making from day-to-day or managerial decision making. First, you have to think through the strategic impacts of the decision you’re going to make. Look […]

Three Strategies to Use Brand Purpose to Build Trust in the Customer Experience

Research has found that 90% of Millennials will buy from a brand when they trust its’ environmental, social or business practices; 95% will recommend the products. Faced with this new mindset, brand stewards need to engage consumers differently —first by building trust – step one in the quest to become a purpose-led brand. Today’s post is by Piers […]

Have you ever fired a client/customer?

Our reader poll today asks: Have you ever fired a client/customer? Yes, and I don’t hesitate to do so if they’re a bad client/customer: 70% No, I’ve never been in that position to have to do it: 18% No, but I really should have and regret not doing so: 5% No, but I wanted to and […]

Seven Strategies to Manage a Micro-Manager

The horror stories of a micro-managing boss are a plenty, but there haven’t always been great strategies to manage the micro-manager, but here are a few. Today’s post is by Victor Prince, a principal here at thoughtLEADERS. If you work long enough, you will have a micro-managing boss. They think they know your job better than you […]