Do You Innovate from the Top Down or Bottom Up?

Innovation is the lifeblood of any organization but too often it stalls because leaders see change as too disruptive or they’re not fully aware of why the front line is advocating change. Change your way of looking at change if you want a more innovative organization. Today’s post is by Jeanne Liedtka, Randy Salzman, and […]

Make Sure it’s a Problem before Solving the Problem

It’s easy to fall into the trap of fixing a problem as soon as you see it. The issue arises when you’re solving the wrong problem. You’re much better off getting clarity on what the real problem is – if’ it’s even a problem at all! – before you rush off into problem solving. Today’s […]

How would you characterize your approach to growing your business?

Our reader poll today asks: How would you characterize your approach to growing your business? – I lean toward “structured” and focus on pragmatic planning and execution: 56% – I lean toward “creative” and always generate new, interesting ideas: 44% Balancing creativity with structure. It’s a pretty even split between structure and creativity, with the edge […]

Leadership Secrets from Eminem

Love him or hate him – you have to admit Eminem is a creative and talented guy.  What’s interesting is you can learn a lot about leadership just by listening to his lyrics (if you can get past the f-bombs and other assorted provocative lyrics). Let’s look at some of Eminem’s lyrics and explore how […]

Best of thoughtLEADERS 2017: Our 9th Year of Badassed Blogging

It’s time again for our annual year in review list of the BEST posts we’ve published over the last 12 months. Welcome to the 2017 edition of The Figgies (our NINTH YEAR of em!  Wow!) which are the awards we give ourselves for writing awesome blog content (here are the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, […]

Beating the Odds by Writing Your Own Script

Sometimes the best way to come up with a creative solution to an impossible problem is to change the problem definition to create more degrees of freedom. When it looks like there’s no solution, here is a practical strategy to break through the other side by simply changing the rules. Today’s post is by Andy […]