How To Be a Great Innovator in Your Field

Innovation in today’s society can be a difficult idea to grasp and an even more difficult idea to implement.  In order to truly lead forward as an innovator there are a few key concepts to hold onto. Today’s post is by Dr. Joseph Walker, author of No Opportunity Wasted (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Lately, the […]

Great Associate Experiences Start with Choice and Flexibility

The biggest change in the office environment is choice and flexibility. People are finding different ways and spaces in which to work that make them happy. Today’s post is by Ira Sharfin, CEO, Continental Office. It’s not a question of if the workplace will change. It’s a matter of when. The days of mundane 8 […]

What has your experience been when working on a cross-functional team?

Our reader poll today asks: What has your experience been when working on a cross-functional team? It’s been great every time: 17.3% It’s been OK most times: 40.7% It’s been hit-or-miss: 32.0% It’s been horrible: 3.3% I’ve never worked on a cross-functional team:6.7% Cross-functional teams function — most of the time. Most of you have had […]

How structured is your approach to problem-solving?

Our reader poll today asks: How structured is your approach to problem-solving? Very – we have clearly defined steps and output at each step: 19.5% Kind of – we generally follow a repeatable problem solving process: 50.5% Not very – our problem solving is a bit haphazard: 21.5% Not at all – we never solve […]

Overcoming Impediments to Innovation

Innovation, or the lack thereof, is a function of how well leaders overcome common obstacles like insufficient time, effort, or risk tolerance. If you want to see the ideas start flowing, tackle the common obstacles to innovation first. Today’s post is by Paul Sloane, author of The Leader’s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills (CLICK HERE […]

Recognizing Innovation Right in Front of You

Breakthrough innovation virtually always builds upon other existing ideas or innovations. Your organization is full of ideas that simply haven’t materialized yet. Changing the way you look at and think about innovation can help unlock their potential. Today’s post is by Dr. Kumar Mehta, author of The Innovation Biome (CLICK HERE to get your copy). […]