Have you ever fired a client/customer?

Our reader poll today asks: Have you ever fired a client/customer? Yes, and I don’t hesitate to do so if they’re a bad client/customer: 70% No, I’ve never been in that position to have to do it: 18% No, but I really should have and regret not doing so: 5% No, but I wanted to and […]

Learning to Negotiate Like a Pro

Setting your intentions and defining the negotiating relationship is a key part of the negotiation process. The first step in any negotiating process is defining and understanding the context you’re operating in.You have to understand the strategic environment of the negotiation in order to be successful. There are several elements to defining this context. First, who is the […]

How do you handle a project that clearly isn’t going to meet your goals?

Our reader poll today asks: How do you handle a project that clearly isn’t going to meet your goals? Kill it as soon as I know it won’t work and then move on: 74% Keep trying even though I know it’s a lost cause: 10% Double down on my investment and try to make it […]

The Benefits of Creating a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is the most fundamental first step in building a business, and the importance of it cannot be underscored enough. You may ask why do I need a business plan? Why can’t I just launch my business and get to market?  The importance of a business plan cannot be understated. First you have […]

How effectively do you/your leaders run informal Q&A sessions with your associates?

Our reader poll today asks:  How Effectively Do You/your Leaders Run Informal Q&A Sessions With Your Associates? Very: They’re authentic, approachable and listen as much as they talk: 24% Kind of: Sometimes they don’t listen well, or they talk too much: 42% Not at all: Those sessions turn into longwinded periods of them listening to […]

Where does the most influence reside in your organization?

Our reader poll today asks:  Where does the most influence reside in your organization? Marketing is the top dog: 8% Product is king: 13% Finance rules all: 21% Operations is in charge: 21% R&D is above all others: 2% Sales, sales, sales: 26% Someone else: 9% Know who the alpha is. There’s a broad spectrum of which function is […]