Guidance for New Leaders Who Want to Lead the Thinking

New leaders must step into the space of leading the thinking for their organization. Leave the day to day work to your team and look over the horizon to what’s coming at you next. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Vera Ng’oma of ExcellicaGroup. Here’s the second part of our conversation on […]

Face-to-Face With the Beast: Confronting Failure

All of us face the ‘beast’ of personal failure at some point in our careers. While failure hurts, there are lessons we can learn from our own mistakes. Today’s post is by Susanna Quirke of Inspiring Interns. It’s a common business cliché: every failure is another route to success. But how to confront that fiasco […]

The Power of a Personal Approach to Leadership

Personal leadership is about being authentic. It’s about stepping outside uniform expectations of behavior and leading based on your personal values and beliefs. It’s that personal touch that unlocks the true power of your leadership. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Vera Ng’oma of ExcellicaGroup. Here’s the first part of our conversation […]

6 Leadership Resolutions for a New Year

A new year provides a fresh start. Leaders would do well to assess how they can be more effective in the coming year before getting overwhelmed by the day to day. Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a restful, safe, and enjoyable holiday season. Now get back to work! Not so fast. There’s […]

Best of thoughtLEADERS 2016: A Basket of Kickass

It’s time again for our annual year in review list of the BEST posts we’ve published over the last 12 months. Welcome to the 2016 edition of The Figgies (our EIGHTH YEAR of em!  Wow!) which are the awards we give ourselves for writing awesome blog content (here are the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, […]

Balancing Current Performance with Future Growth

Finding a balance between current performance and future growth is a critical element of your strategy. Too much focus on either the present or the future can lead to disaster. Today’s post is by Jeffrey Saltzman and Scott Brooks, co-authors of Creating the Vital Organization (CLICK HERE to get your copy). What is the difference […]

3 Business Lessons from a Cracked Tooth

You can learn business lessons anywhere if you look hard enough. A recent incident involving a cracked molar offers great lessons on planning, investing, and making long-term decisions. After a couple of heart attacks, I’ve learned to eat a lot healthier. Finding snacks can be challenging though once you remove Doritos and Cheetos from the […]

How to Quickly Evaluate Coaching Needs by Being BOSS

To properly coach your people, you need to focus on behaviors, outlook, skills, and stature. In doing so, you’ll be able to quickly identify their coaching needs. Today’s post is by Jonathan Whistman, author of The Sales Boss (CLICK HERE to get your copy). A part of every leader’s job is to provide the coaching necessary to […]

Failures Are Experiments, Not Failures

There’s a difference between experiencing failure and being a failure. Some of the greatest lessons come from failing – but only if you’re willing to learn them. Today’s post is by Shawn Hunter, author of Small Acts of Leadership (CLICK HERE to get your copy). On March 2, 1962, Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlain had the […]

Communication is the Key to Reducing Execution Risk

Difficult decisions aren’t done once you’ve made them. The biggest risks you’ll face with any decision is the result of execution risk – does your decision get carried out the way you wanted it to? The key to successful execution is good change management. If you want to make a successful executive decision, communicate the […]