Should you focus on great technology or a great operation?

Our reader poll today asks: Which is more important: having a great technology to sell or a great operation that sells it? It’s all about the tech. It’ll sell itself. :15.5% Operations and execution is where it’s at.: 84.5% The tech is the easy part. No matter how great your technology is, if you can’t sell […]

Have you ever considered starting your own business?

Our reader poll today asks: Have you ever considered starting your own business? Yes, I’ve started my own business and currently run it : 24.6% Yes, I’ve thought about it but never made the leap: 52.8% No, I’ve never seriously considered starting a business: 22.5% Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. A long time ago I heard a […]

Stop Being a Leader and Start Being a Team Member

To get an appreciation of the work your team does and what it takes to be a successful team member, step out of your leadership role and take on a role on your team for a day. You might be surprised by what you learn and how much fun you have. A few years ago […]

Want to succeed as a consultant? Pick the right revenue model

If you want to be a consultant and run your own firm, you need to have a good sense of your revenue model. There are many to choose from. Pick the right one and be very profitable. Pick the wrong one and you’ll be working like a dog for a tiny paycheck. Your revenue model […]

Make Sure it’s a Problem before Solving the Problem

It’s easy to fall into the trap of fixing a problem as soon as you see it. The issue arises when you’re solving the wrong problem. You’re much better off getting clarity on what the real problem is – if’ it’s even a problem at all! – before you rush off into problem solving. Today’s […]

3 Ways to Find Your Entrepreneurial Passion

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you would do well to understand your passions, know what you’re good at, and what people will pay you for. Find the intersection of those three things to be successful. Today’s post is by Kavita Sahai,CEO and Founder of Have BIGplans, LLC. So you’ve decided you want to become an entrepreneur, and […]