3 Things You Must Get Right if You Want Happier Customers

Customer loyalty takes just as much energy to build as new customer growth. Unfortunately companies spend too much time focusing on new customers and not taking care of the ones they already have. Today’s post is by Noah Fleming, author of The Customer Loyalty Loop (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Most executives I talk […]

3 Ways to Tap Into the Link Between Service and Sales

There are three keys to tapping into the link between service and sales – technical prowess, hospitality, and the wow factor. If you’re able to get your organization to focus on these three elements of service delivery, you can expect outstanding results. Today’s post is by Donna Cutting, author of 501 Ways to Roll Out the […]

Sisters, Service, and Sales

Customer service that is focused on customer relationships will impact your ability to make sales and to improve your business. Today’s post is by Kate Edwards, author of Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters (CLICK HERE to get your copy). There is a scene in the Tina Fey/Amy Pohler film “Sisters” that is hilarious. The […]

LEAD – Listen, Empathize, Add value, Delight

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t only figured out how to build great machines – they’ve also cracked the code on delivering world-class service. By following the LEAD approach, your organization can improve your customer experience too. Today’s post is by Joseph Michelli, author of Driven to Delight: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way (CLICK HERE to get your […]

Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business

Growing your business is all about understanding how to attract and retain customers. There are several simple techniques you can apply immediately to make customers flock to your business. Today’s post is by Joe Calloway, author of Magnetic (CLICK HERE to get your copy). We’ve entered an entirely new marketplace for business with an entirely […]

How the Three Box Branding Model Can Change Your World

Managing a global brand and bringing it to life at the local level has been historically challenging. A new model for setting a brand strategy then activating it and executing it can help overcome the challenges global brands face.   Today’s post is by Larry Light, coauthor of New Brand Leadership (CLICK HERE to get […]

Leadership Culture Trumps Strategy as Game Changer

Creating a great culture is a key responsibility of leadership. When you invest in building a strong culture, the business and financial results follow. Fail to do so and your business will end up in unpleasant situations. Today’s post is by Diane K. Adams, author of It Takes More than Casual Fridays and Free Coffee […]

How well does your organization treat clients or customers?

Our reader poll today asks: How well does your organization treat clients or customers? – Extremely well — we take great care of them: 35.17% – Very well — we treat them better than most other companies: 34.88% – Well — we do a decent job but could improve a bit: 25% – Not well […]

3 Common – and Dangerous – Myths About Business Plans

Business plans aren’t only for entrepreneurs. Any new venture requires thorough planning before you launch it if you want a reasonable chance of success. There are a lot of myths about business plans out there. Today I’d like to debunk three of the biggest ones. It’s exciting launching a new business. Whether you’re building a […]

11 Business Lessons You Can’t Survive Without

Running a business is an exercise in fear, excitement, fear, elation, fear, hard work, and fear. Did I mention fear? In the 11 years I’ve been running my firm, I’ve learned a few indispensable lessons that apply no only to entrepreneurs but to business folks in all walks of life. Yesterday was our 11th birthday.  […]