How much exposure does your entire organization get to your customers?

Our reader poll today asks: How much exposure does your entire organization get to your customers? A lot. Every function of our company regularly interacts with customers: 34% Some. Occasionally customers will meet with specific groups they have to interact with: 29% Little. Only sales, marketing, the front line and support really interact with customers: […]

Positive Work Cultures are More Productive

Achieving a breakthrough organization is achievable for any leadership team willing to invest in designing for the future of work. Creating work that is both customer-centric and that is employee-centric is possible. Today’s post is by Jessica Higgins, Chief Operating Officer at Gapingvoid Culture Design Group. “Although there’s an assumption that stress and pressure push […]

A Simple Sales Tip for Maintaining Great Relationships

How effective are you at maintaining client relationships? Do you stay in touch with them or do you lose the relationship over time? Do your clients and prospects respond to your messages or do your emails end up in a black hole? Here’s a simple tip for maintaining contact with your clients and prospects. Client […]

A Simple Way to be More Professional

When salespeople call you to explore working with you, a simple technique can help you appear much more professional. If you’re not interested, just say so. Immediately. Over the 14 years I’ve run my firm, I’ve heard a polite “no, thank you” more times than I can count. That’s fine. Rejection, especially when it’s quick, […]

5 Questions You Must Answer to Measure Your Business Well

Focusing on metrics is key to achieving your desired business results—but it can be difficult to determine which metrics actually matter. There are five major questions you need to answer to ensure the metrics you’re measuring matter and you can take action based upon what they tell you. Some metrics are easy to put numbers […]

4 Questions to Make Difficult Switching Decisions Much Easier

In an age of too many options, four simple questions can provide a clear approach to making those frequent decisions in a way that saves us time. Today’s post is by Jack Quarles, author of Expensive Sentences (CLICK HERE to get your copy). We live in a time of unprecedented options. Those of us in […]