Executive Decision Making Skills For Your Business

Developing and honing your executive decisive making process is not only a key part of career growth but a necessity for the success of your business. There are three major considerations that separate executive decision making from day-to-day or managerial decision making. First, you have to think through the strategic impacts of the decision you’re going to make. Look […]

Learning to Negotiate Like a Pro

Setting your intentions and defining the negotiating relationship is a key part of the negotiation process. The first step in any negotiating process is defining and understanding the context you’re operating in.You have to understand the strategic environment of the negotiation in order to be successful. There are several elements to defining this context. First, who is the […]

Humility is the Key to Being An Agile Leader

Being an agile leader requires humility. Not having all the answers helps you to be open, learn, and adapt in our ever-changing business environment. Today’s post is by Jose Costa, author of Leading With Edge (CLICK HERE to get your copy) Few people would deny the crucial role agility plays in helping a person succeed […]

The Benefits of Creating a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is the most fundamental first step in building a business, and the importance of it cannot be underscored enough. You may ask why do I need a business plan? Why can’t I just launch my business and get to market?  The importance of a business plan cannot be understated. First you have […]

Breaking the Four-Minute Mile In Business

You may not be the next Roger Bannister, but you can be the person who coaches him or her. Here’s how. Today’s post is by Steve Farber, founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute. Do you ever fantasize about being the first person on Mars or the next Steve Jobs? How about something more in the […]

6 Lessons Learned from High-Performing Lean Teams

Lean strategies are a dynamic way to maximize efficiency. We surveyed the top performing Lean teams to find out what makes them successful. Today’s post is by Jon Terry, Lean-Agile strategy at Planview and former co-founder of LeanKit. Lean solutions represent an evolved method of approaching how business is done. It’s all about transparency, about your […]