The Networking Opportunity You’re Missing

In a connected world, opportunities are more about who you know than what you know. Whether it’s a job, making a sale, or finding your next great new hire, you’d be a fool to miss some great opportunities to build your network. With the growth of platforms like LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to connect […]

How effective are you at establishing trust with a new team?

Our reader poll today asks: When you take on a new role, how effective are you at quickly establishing trust with the team? Very: I can build trust quickly: 58.8% Somewhat: it takes me a little while to build trust: 37.6% Not very: I struggle to build trust with the team: 2.8% Not at all: I […]

The Three R’s of Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an ever-present part of life. The more comfortable you are with dealing with it, the more effectively you can resolve it. Conflict resolution requires you to know the three R’s – recognize conflict, respond to conflict, and resolve the conflict. Today’s post is by Jon Wortmann, thoughtLEADERS principal and author of Hijacked by […]

How willing are you to take a risk and let team members make decisions?

Our reader poll today asks: How willing are you to take a risk and let team members make decisions? Very: I always let them make decisions irrespective of risk: 12.3% Mostly: I let them make decisions within reasonable limits: 83.6% Not very: I withhold most decision making authority for myself: 3.1% Not at all: I need […]

The Loyalty Trap

Loyalty can be a leadership trap that leads to failure unless we are very deliberate about how we define and apply it, and then it can empower the team. Today’s post is by Paul Sean Hill, author of Leadership from the Mission Control Room to the Boardroom (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Loyalty is […]

Dealing with a Manipulative Person

Manipulative people are challenging and terrifying to deal with. They prey on fear, insecurity, and uncertainty to get what they want. Deception isn’t out of bounds for them. Dealing with them requires you to change the game. We’ve all encountered or dealt with a manipulative person at some point in our career. These people induce […]