How to Find the Ladybadass in You

A ladybadass is formidable, strong, fearless and willing to push through real and perceived barriers. Start manifesting your own ladybadassery by not giving away your power. Today’s post is by Joanna Bloor, CEO of The Amplify Lab. “How do you choose who to feature as a Ladybadass?” Such a simple question at such an auspicious […]

End of Year Thoughts on How to be Successful

Another year is in the books. How was it? Did you achieve what you wanted? If not, what are you doing about it going into next year? Try improving your focus, prioritization, and perseverance. Those are three keys to success you can implement immediately. 2017 has been a great year for me and my firm. […]

How Writing a Book Builds Your Credibility as a Thought Leader

Writing a book is the best thing a thought leader can do to raise their authority in their field. Here is a step by step guide to making your book a reality. Today’s post is by Zach Obront, co-founder of Book in a Box. Melissa Gonzalez was frustrated. As an expert in the field of […]

What’s the biggest challenge you face in taking your career to the next level?

Our reader poll today asks: What’s the biggest challenge you face in taking your career to the next level? – I’m lacking key skills. 10.1% – There are no open roles above me. 36.8% – I’m happy where I am and don’t want to move. 19.8% – I’m ready, but no one will take a […]

Best of thoughtLEADERS 2017: Our 9th Year of Badassed Blogging

It’s time again for our annual year in review list of the BEST posts we’ve published over the last 12 months. Welcome to the 2017 edition of The Figgies (our NINTH YEAR of em!  Wow!) which are the awards we give ourselves for writing awesome blog content (here are the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, […]

When is the last time you unplugged and took a real break?

Our reader poll today asks: When is the last time you unplugged for a few days and took a real break from work? – This week: 13.7% – Within the past month: 26.6% – Within the past quarter: 18.1% – Within the past year: 15.5% – I can’t remember the last time: 26.1% All work […]