Generating Creative Ideas by Challenging Constraints

Creativity is your organization’s growth engine. The problem is we constantly run into constraints to generating creative, new ideas. Many times those constraints are self-imposed. Amazing things can happen when you relax those constraints. Today’s post is by Paul Smith, thoughtLEADERS principal and bestselling author of Lead With a Story and  Sell With a Story. […]

The Networking Opportunity You’re Missing

In a connected world, opportunities are more about who you know than what you know. Whether it’s a job, making a sale, or finding your next great new hire, you’d be a fool to miss some great opportunities to build your network. With the growth of platforms like LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to connect […]

How well are your incentives aligned with your strategy?

Our reader poll today asks: How well are your people’s incentives aligned with your organization’s strategy? Very well: there’s a clear link between strategy and incentives: 14.0% Well: incentives are generally linked to strategy: 30.5% Not well: it’s unclear how strategy is tied to incentives: 37.8% Not at all: our incentives have nothing to do with […]

Taking a Structured Approach to Problem Solving

A case study in structured problem solving: How we cut $3MM in overtime costs at a hospital by applying structured problem solving. One of the most rewarding engagements I’ve had as a management consultant was with a hospital that had been under severe budget pressure for years due to excessive overtime costs. I’d never worked […]

Do you better manage personal finances or business finances?

Our reader poll today asks: Which do you manage more closely: your personal finances or your business’ finances? I manage my personal finances much more rigorously: 29.7% I pay much more attention to my business’ finances: 30.6% I strike a good balance on managing both equally well: 36.1% I don’t manage my personal or my business […]

How effective is your organization at using good measurement practices?

Our reader poll today asks: How effective is your organization at implementing good measurement practices? Very — we’re rigorous about the measurement methods we use: 8.1% Mostly — sometimes we’re not as effective as we could be: 35.6% Not very — we’re only disciplined when measuring major metrics: 34.1% Not at all — we’re terrible in […]