Do you better manage personal finances or business finances?

Our reader poll today asks: Which do you manage more closely: your personal finances or your business’ finances? I manage my personal finances much more rigorously: 29.7% I pay much more attention to my business’ finances: 30.6% I strike a good balance on managing both equally well: 36.1% I don’t manage my personal or my business […]

How effective is your organization at using good measurement practices?

Our reader poll today asks: How effective is your organization at implementing good measurement practices? Very — we’re rigorous about the measurement methods we use: 8.1% Mostly — sometimes we’re not as effective as we could be: 35.6% Not very — we’re only disciplined when measuring major metrics: 34.1% Not at all — we’re terrible in […]

When you’re not interested in a vendor’s product, how do you handle it?

Our reader poll today asks: When you’re not interested in a vendor’s product or service, how do you handle it? I tell them I’m not interested quickly and directly: 74.0% I continue conversations until they realize there’s not a fit: 4.1% I ignore their calls and emails and hope they disappear: 21.9% Exercise common courtesy. While […]

Should you focus on great technology or a great operation?

Our reader poll today asks: Which is more important: having a great technology to sell or a great operation that sells it? It’s all about the tech. It’ll sell itself. :15.5% Operations and execution is where it’s at.: 84.5% The tech is the easy part. No matter how great your technology is, if you can’t sell […]

Want to succeed as a consultant? Pick the right revenue model

If you want to be a consultant and run your own firm, you need to have a good sense of your revenue model. There are many to choose from. Pick the right one and be very profitable. Pick the wrong one and you’ll be working like a dog for a tiny paycheck. Your revenue model […]

4 Major Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Job interviews are high-stress environments. It’s easy to make mistakes in those situations. If you’re aware of these four major errors, it’s less likely that you’ll make them during the interview. My daughter is about to graduate from graduate school with a master’s in customer insights/marketing. We’ve been having a lot of conversations about resumes, […]