The Networking Opportunity You’re Missing

In a connected world, opportunities are more about who you know than what you know. Whether it’s a job, making a sale, or finding your next great new hire, you’d be a fool to miss some great opportunities to build your network. With the growth of platforms like LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to connect […]

How well are your incentives aligned with your strategy?

Our reader poll today asks: How well are your people’s incentives aligned with your organization’s strategy? Very well: there’s a clear link between strategy and incentives: 14.0% Well: incentives are generally linked to strategy: 30.5% Not well: it’s unclear how strategy is tied to incentives: 37.8% Not at all: our incentives have nothing to do with […]

Taking a Structured Approach to Problem Solving

A case study in structured problem solving: How we cut $3MM in overtime costs at a hospital by applying structured problem solving. One of the most rewarding engagements I’ve had as a management consultant was with a hospital that had been under severe budget pressure for years due to excessive overtime costs. I’d never worked […]

Do you better manage personal finances or business finances?

Our reader poll today asks: Which do you manage more closely: your personal finances or your business’ finances? I manage my personal finances much more rigorously: 29.7% I pay much more attention to my business’ finances: 30.6% I strike a good balance on managing both equally well: 36.1% I don’t manage my personal or my business […]

How effective is your organization at using good measurement practices?

Our reader poll today asks: How effective is your organization at implementing good measurement practices? Very — we’re rigorous about the measurement methods we use: 8.1% Mostly — sometimes we’re not as effective as we could be: 35.6% Not very — we’re only disciplined when measuring major metrics: 34.1% Not at all — we’re terrible in […]

When you’re not interested in a vendor’s product, how do you handle it?

Our reader poll today asks: When you’re not interested in a vendor’s product or service, how do you handle it? I tell them I’m not interested quickly and directly: 74.0% I continue conversations until they realize there’s not a fit: 4.1% I ignore their calls and emails and hope they disappear: 21.9% Exercise common courtesy. While […]