How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome at Work

Imposter Syndrome is the belief that we don’t believe we deserve the job we’re in or the success we achieve. To overcome it, become aware of what’s letting you down and allowing these intrusive thoughts into your mind. That awareness enables you to shift your perspective and start being kinder to, and more patient with, […]

How structured is your approach to problem-solving?

Our reader poll today asks: How structured is your approach to problem-solving? Very – we have clearly defined steps and output at each step: 19.5% Kind of – we generally follow a repeatable problem solving process: 50.5% Not very – our problem solving is a bit haphazard: 21.5% Not at all – we never solve […]

How do you deal with manipulative people?

Our reader poll today asks: How do you deal with manipulative people? I cut them out of my life as fast as I can: 32.5% I ignore their manipulations and do my own thing: 42.5% I often fail to realize I’m being manipulated: 6.2% I recognize I’m being manipulated but just let it happen: 2.8% I […]

A Simple Sales Tip for Maintaining Great Relationships

How effective are you at maintaining client relationships? Do you stay in touch with them or do you lose the relationship over time? Do your clients and prospects respond to your messages or do your emails end up in a black hole? Here’s a simple tip for maintaining contact with your clients and prospects. Client […]

The Critical Importance of Leadership During Boring Times

Leading during a crisis is easy. Adrenaline leads to focus and higher performance. But how do you lead during the doldrums when nothing “important” is going on? Those slow times are the ones that affect performance during the crisis. Failure to lead during slow times leads to failures during crisis. I recently spoke with Todd […]

Proactively Dealing with Regulatory Changes to Keep Your Business Safe

Regulatory and political changes can have a tremendous impact on your business. If you’re not aware of possible regulatory changes, you’ll be caught off guard and have to react to those changes rather than having the opportunity to prepare for them. The more involved you are in the regulatory arena, the more effectively you’ll be […]