Leadership Lessons from Tragedies, Near-Misses, Hardships, and Mistakes

Great leaders learn from even the worst situations – perhaps especially the worst. Find out what some great leaders learned from holding a man’s hand as he took his dying breath at work, a falling crate smashing to bits on the factory floor a few feet from visitors, a painstaking walk across the entire country […]

How To Be a Great Innovator in Your Field

Innovation in today’s society can be a difficult idea to grasp and an even more difficult idea to implement.  In order to truly lead forward as an innovator there are a few key concepts to hold onto. Today’s post is by Dr. Joseph Walker, author of No Opportunity Wasted (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Lately, the […]

You Might Consider Improving Your Executive Presence

Executive presence is an element of leadership that’s easy to recognize but difficult to develop, but might be the difference in your career progressing forward. Today’s post is by Rob Salafia, a principal at thoughtLEADERS and author of Leading from Your Best Self (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Executive presence is an element of leadership that’s easy […]

Great Associate Experiences Start with Choice and Flexibility

The biggest change in the office environment is choice and flexibility. People are finding different ways and spaces in which to work that make them happy. Today’s post is by Ira Sharfin, CEO, Continental Office. It’s not a question of if the workplace will change. It’s a matter of when. The days of mundane 8 […]

Is Your Executive Team Stressed? Then Move!

Our brains are under constant assault from stressors. To reduce the amount of stress you feel and to improve your resilience, move. Move around physically. Exercise. Walk while on conference calls. Move. Movement has huge benefits in terms of stress reduction and resilience. Today’s post is by Jon Wortmann, thoughtLEADERS principal and author of Hijacked […]

Leading Remote and Outsourced Employees So They Too Can be Part of the Team

Outsourced and remote employees often are expected to share the company vision but are not part of the team. Leaders take action to bring these workers into the team. Today’s post is by Dr. Richard Nongard, author of Viral Leadership (CLICK HERE to get your copy). As I walked by the reception desk in my […]