Key Leadership Traits that Help You Through a Crisis

When facing a crisis, collaboration, flexibility, empathy, and resiliency are the hallmarks of leaders who successfully navigate turbulent waters. Today’s post is by Ron Schutz, author of American Fathers (CLICK HERE to get your copy). The true colors of leaders appear during a crisis and Hurricane Harvey was a shining example. From the Mayor and […]

Occam’s Razor and Leadership Excellence

Simplicity can drive outstanding results. Providing your organization simple guidance and a clear desired outcome enables your people to spend more time executing instead of wasting time on unnecessary activities. Today’s post is by Gary Morton, author of Commanding Excellence (CLICK HERE to get your copy). The principle of Occam’s Razor has influenced many of […]

How to Find Your Company’s Core Values

Your core values define the behaviors you treasure and demand above all others. Investing time in defining them increases the likelihood they come to life and become part of everyone’s daily behaviors. Today’s post is by Trevor Throness, author of The Power of People Skills (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Lots of time is […]

A Quick Boost to Your Leadership Efficiency and Effectiveness

It’s hard to balance all the demands that are placed upon you as a leader. Many of us default to dysfunctional ways of spending our time and energy. If you know what the common mistakes are and take a more deliberate approach to investing your time and energy, you’ll get better results from your team […]

When You Need Agility, Deploy Focused Teams

Cross-functional teams are great but only if you enable them to succeed. Simple business practices and policies can increase speed, flexibility, and ultimately drive success. Today’s post is by Amanda Setili, author of Fearless Growth (CLICK HERE to get your copy). No doubt about it: we live in a rapidly changing world. Disruptive technologies, shifting […]

One Question that Dramatically Improves Cross-Functional Collaboration

Cross-functional team environments are challenging because people bring a “function first” mindset to the team. If you can get them to shift their thinking slightly, you can unlock the performance these teams are capable of. Craig Ross is co-author of the new book, Do Big Things (CLICK HERE to get your copy). It was painful […]