Can Resilience Differentiate You as a Leader?

Resilience is the ability to maintain flexibility and focus when dealing with massive change. Leaders who possess this skill can differentiate themselves and lead their teams more effectively. Today’s post is by thougthtLEADERS principal Maureen Metcalf. In times of uncertainty, resilience is one of the most important skills for us to have. I define it […]

4 Ways an Unhealthy Lifestyle Affects Your Ability to Lead

An unhealthy lifestyle can decrease productivity, reduce creativity, increase absences from work, and negatively affect our moods and relationships. Are you living a healthy lifestyle that enables you to be a better leader? If not, when will you start? Today’s post is by Helen Sanders, chief editor at Being a leader requires hard work, […]

Is Your Executive Team Stressed? Then Move!

Our brains are under constant assault from stressors. To reduce the amount of stress you feel and to improve your resilience, move. Move around physically. Exercise. Walk while on conference calls. Move. Movement has huge benefits in terms of stress reduction and resilience. Today’s post is by Jon Wortmann, thoughtLEADERS principal and author of Hijacked […]

The ROI of Having Fun

Making fun an essential part of your business strategy and adding meaningful breaks to the work day can improve productivity and have a positive impact on the culture. Today’s post is by Dave Crenshaw, author of The Power of Having Fun (CLICK HERE to get your copy). According to a poll conducted by Harris and […]

When you’re feeling burned out, how do you handle it?

Our reader poll today asks: When you’re feeling burned out, how do you handle it? – I take time off. 36.7% – I power through the burnout and know it will pass. 32.3% – I say “no” and prioritize better. 18.6% – I look to change roles or jobs. 8.4% – I delegate more work. […]

Why We Have Extension and Escape Fantasies and What to Do with Them

Fleeting images of extending a deadline or escaping the situation can accompany emotions that motivate successful task completion. Today’s post is by Mary Lamia, Ph.D. and author of What Motivates Getting Things Done: Procrastination, Emotions, and Success (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Highly successful people, according to what I have found, rarely extend a […]