What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Our reader poll today asks: What’s the most exciting part of your job? My teammates: 25.4% Our products/services: 17.0% My growth and development: 18.6% Market dynamics and challenges: 15.1% Something else: 10.0% I’m not excited at all about my job: 13.9% Maybe it’s time to quit. Answers about what excites you about your work were pretty […]

4 Ways to Help Work and Life Coexist

Studies show that the happier your team is, the more productive they will be. Here are simple strategies to keep them energized. Today’s post is by William Vanderbloemen, author of Culture Wins (CLICK HERE to get your copy). More and more studies are showing that how we feel about our work impacts how we feel […]

How effective are you at using found pockets of time to get work done?

Our reader poll today asks: How effective are you at using “found” pockets of time — 10 to 30 minutes — to get work done? Very: I always have a ready list of tasks to do in these small moments. 47.6% Somewhat: Sometimes I use it productively and others I waste the time. 32.8% Not […]

How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome at Work

Imposter Syndrome is the belief that we don’t believe we deserve the job we’re in or the success we achieve. To overcome it, become aware of what’s letting you down and allowing these intrusive thoughts into your mind. That awareness enables you to shift your perspective and start being kinder to, and more patient with, […]

How frequently do you get overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do?

Our reader poll today asks: How frequently do you get overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do? All the time: 11.1% Frequently: 29.3% Sometimes: 36.6% Not often: 19.2% Never: 3.8% We all get overwhelmed. The question is: how do you deal with it? 77% of you report you’re overwhelmed “sometimes” or more frequently. […]

Navigating Change through Mindfulness

Calm, compassionate, and creative leaders make for peaceful, productive, and purposeful organizations. Practicing mindfulness equips us to thrive in the face of change. As you become more mindful, you are more emotionally agile and able to shift your mindset. Today’s post is by Laurie J. Cameron, author of The Mindful Day (CLICK HERE to get […]