Redefining What It Means to Be Brave

The way we traditionally define what it means to be brave can be our greatest obstacle. Simply shifting our focus can be the gateway to powerful results. Today’s post is by Kimberly Davis, author of Brave Leadership (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Have you ever wondered why, when you think of needing to be […]

How actively do you seek to build personal resilience?

Our reader poll today asks:  How actively do you seek to build personal resilience? Very: it’s a big focus of mine.: 49.4% Somewhat: I’ll focus on it from time to time.: 34.9% Not very: If I build the skill, it’s not intentional.: 9.1% Not at all: I rarely even think about resilience.: 6.6% Resilience is a […]

What’s your preferred approach to deal with stress?

Our reader poll today asks:  What’s your preferred approach to deal with stress? Exercise and physical movement: 50.2% Meditation: 7.9% Taking time off: 14.7% Distracting yourself: 14.1% Something else: 7.8% I don’t know how to deal with stress.: 5.2% Get up and move. Clearly physical activity is the most popular form of stress relief. Whether it’s a […]

Dealing with a Manipulative Person

Manipulative people are challenging and terrifying to deal with. They prey on fear, insecurity, and uncertainty to get what they want. Deception isn’t out of bounds for them. Dealing with them requires you to change the game. We’ve all encountered or dealt with a manipulative person at some point in our career. These people induce […]

Strengthening Thinking as a Mechanism to Building Resilience

The ability to manage and strengthen your thinking goes a long way toward making you more resilient and better able to deal with the daily challenges you face. Today’s post is by thougthtLEADERS principal Maureen Metcalf. During a time when we are facing natural disasters and geopolitical uncertainty, many of us are trying to find […]

Are you a procrastinator on big projects?

Our reader poll today asks: Are you a procrastinator on big projects? – Absolutely not – I tackle projects as soon as I can: 24% – Not really – I’ll procrastinate from time to time: 44% – Kind of – I put off most things with a few exceptions: 24% – Absolutely – I always wait […]