If You Want Your Company to Grow, Fish for Whales

You can’t get big without thinking big right from the start. As an entrepreneur starting a business, it’s easy to see yourself as “the little guy.” If you do, you’ll forever stay the little guy. Too many times I’ve seen entrepreneurs name their companies after themselves (e.g., Tom Jones, LLC). Sometimes they stretch to seem […]

Some Families & Little Kids Need YOUR Help!

Let’s face it – you’re pretty fortunate. You’re reading this by accessing the Internet over your laptop while sitting in the comfort of your home drinking your Starbucks quad shot venti caramel macchiato. Imagine NOT being able to pay for Internet access. Imagine NOT having your laptop. Imagine NOT being in your home because you […]

Train Them Now or Lose Them Later

A friend of mine was lamenting the current economic environment. He bemoaned budget cuts at his company and the lack of opportunities for professional development. He also said something truly alarming: “Our management team is so focused on just making the numbers that they’re not investing in developing their people.” (Incidentally, I think making the […]

Happy Bloggiversary! A Leadership Principles Blast from the Past

Happy Bloggiversary! A year. Wow. This blog has been around for a year now (and I’m sure some of you will go check the original post dates and say “it started in OCT 07” but I backdated some of the original posts…). It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I’ve met a ton of wonderful […]

New Book Recommendation – The New Gold Standard

Heads up all of you who love to better understand customer service as well as those of you who love to read! Dr. Joseph Michelli (author of The Starbucks Experience) has released his newest book on The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. The book is called The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary […]