Creating a Winning Company Culture by Investing in People

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Creating a vibrant company culture requires an investment in people.  Live events company productionglue has implemented a program that has driven loyalty, innovation and profitability.

Today’s post is by Eric Tetuan, Co-founder and chief innovation officer at productionglue.

Creating a winning company culture begins with an investment in people. Maintaining this kind of atmosphere takes intentional respect, empathy, and an emphasis on human connection. Investing in people goes beyond employees to clients, partners, and the community at large. Implementing this kind of culture can do great things for growth, achieving new goals, and seeing successful results. More than the innovation and skills we bring to each project, these values are why our clients come back time and time again and entrust us with their most important moments.

Every company has a unique set of priorities and challenges, but always keeping a high priority on investing in people will attract quality candidates. These candidates will go on to adopt those values and implement them in relationship with their clients, contributing to the cycle of caring and quality business relationships that lead to the best outcomes. It inspires everyone to be team players and frees them to focus on the needs of the project; knowing they’re in an environment that their own needs as a staff member are heard and respected. Staff members who feel appreciated tend to be more productive, adaptable, and willing to go above and beyond for a client or team member. Collaboration becomes second nature as staff members share their knowledge to help their colleagues; making continual professional development the standard.

At productionglue these values inspire five initiatives that are integrated into everything we do. They were devised to encourage experimentation, progressive thinking among our team, and to challenge us to advance what’s possible. Their platforms not only benefit the community but support employees to thrive both personally and professionally. Every employee has the opportunity to glean from, contribute to, and collaborate with each initiative in different ways from starting a food drive, to teaching a class, or implementing employee health and wellness programs. It has helped us achieve an all-around healthier and more motivated workforce and become a cohesive team that can step into any challenge to produce remarkable results for our clients.

Five Tips to a Winning Company Culture…here’s how we do it.

People Power

People are the heartbeat of what do. Because of gluePEEPS, every employee knows that they matter. Through employee appreciation events, programs that promote health and wellness, and being a resource for every employee to succeed, gluePEEPS ensures that our people know they’re a valuable part of the team and are appreciated for the contributions they make.

Protecting the Environment

Recognizing that being environmentally conscious during large events can be a challenge, GREENglue specializes in finding earth-friendly solutions, both in our operations and on every event site. With every aspect considered, from energy and waste management to using compostable materials and making large donations, we’re helping set the standard in the event industry for sustainable practices.

Doing Good

We’re dedicated to creating a culture of giving, caring about the less fortunate, and investing in the greater good of the community. glueGIVES promotes a lifestyle of generosity and provides the means for every staff member to do what they can to make a difference. We back the organizations and altruistic endeavors that our team cares about along with donating our materials and time to those in need.

Experimentation + Innovation

Taking a client’s vision and transforming it into reality often requires pushing the envelope and uncovering new best practices. With innovation as a priority, glueLAB was conceived to be an internal R&D incubator where the latest developments in event design, entertainment, and technology are explored for the greatest possibilities. This is driven both by solving challenges from the client and finding ways to work smarter.

Learning New Skills

We invest in our people through education. glueSCHOOL provides members of our team with special opportunities to advance their skills and accelerate their careers through training, certification, and resources from the glue library. From the practical event-site instruction conferences to the fun iPhone photography lessons within the Lunch + Learn series, glueSCHOOL give teams the opportunity to expand their horizons and excel in every project.

Investing in people means investing in a culture that produces growth and motivates excellence. A unified team is able to breakthrough challenges to higher levels of innovation and creativity. With greater levels of symbiosis, insights into human nature, anticipating client needs is the status quo. The investment in people always secures benefits that far exceed any cost and the result is an unstoppable team; excited and empowered to create satisfied clients and thus an ever-improving bottom line.

Co-founder and chief innovation officer at productionglue, Eric Tetuan has built his technical portfolio over 25 years in New York City production.  As the company evolved, Eric’s focus turned to supporting growth, maintaining project performance, and overseeing office culture. Eric worked with a team to establish an internal review process (the “g-brief”) that fosters communication between the leaders of productionglue and trusted partners.

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