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Sometimes the best leadership lessons come from the most unexpected places. In this set of 6 podcasts, you’ll learn leadership lessons from an old man who ran 543 miles in 5 days, a chemical engineer specializing in dirt, and a comedian who toured all 50 states.  You’ll also learn how to give presentations you don’t believe in, if your leadership stories have to be true, and hear an interview on the courage and integrity of a leader with the former CEO of Dun & Bradstreet.

Today’s post is by Paul Smith, thoughtLEADERS principal and bestselling author of Lead With a Story and  Sell With a Story.

Here’s an easy way to learn some new leadership skills – in easy-to-digest podcasts you can listen to at your convenience.
These podcasts are based on interviews with 100 executives, leaders, authors, and experts at dozens of companies around the world. Each episode brings you an important leadership lesson through a single compelling story.

Finding the Fire at Work: What We Can All Learn from the World’s Most Grueling Athletic Competition

You can’t run 543.7 miles in 5 days without learning a few things. Here’s one of them.

One Question that Led to an Innovation Breakthrough at Procter & Gamble and Can Do the Same for You

A think-outside-the-box story from Tide that can spur creativity and innovation in just about any industry.

“Do the stories I tell at work have to be true?”

As a storytelling coach, I’m often asked, “Do my leadership or sales stories have to be true?” Here’s my perhaps surprising answer. . .

3 Bad Jokes and 1 Important Lesson in Courage from Comedian Drew Tarvin

Professional comedian and self-described “humor engineer” Drew Tarvin recently completed a nomadic tour of the U.S. performing in all 50 States. I asked him to come on the podcast and share his experience in the state of Florida where he did something on stage that he’d never done before. And it taught him a lesson about courage and risk-taking that I think all of us in leadership positions can learn from.

Former Dun & Bradstreet CEO Sara Mathew on Leadership, Courage, Integrity, and Humility

Former D&B CEO shares two harrowing and humbling leadership experiences and what she learned from them.

3 Steps to Giving a Presentation You Don’t Believe In

We’ve all been there. What do you do when you’re told to give a presentation that you just don’t believe in? It usually happens to a midlevel manager who’s told they have to deploy the latest corporate mandate. Here’s a three-step process to get you in a better place to give it, or tell the boss to find someone else.

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Paul SmithPaul Smith is a former director and 20-year veteran of the Procter & Gamble Company, and one of the world’s leading experts on business storytelling. He’s the bestselling author of three books on harnessing the power of storytelling for some of the most important work we do as humans: Lead with a Story, Parenting with a Story, and Sell with a Story. Paul is also the primary architect of a thoughtLEADERS course on Influencing through Storytelling and Storytelling for Salespeople.

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