5 Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Employee Wellness

Apples and BananasCompanies that focus on employee wellness derive benefits like increased productivity, lower healthcare costs, and higher morale. Your organization can get these benefits by taking a few simple steps.

Today’s post is by Dan Colgan, CEO of Rock Paper Team.

Company wellness doesn’t stop at providing health insurance. Taking a more holistic approach to corporate health can provide a number of positive results, such as increased employee participation, a reduced number of insurance claims and better chronic disease management. Research from the Health Enhancement Research Organization has shown that employees who eat healthily are 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance, and absenteeism is 27 percent lower for employees who eat healthy and exercise regularly.

There are a number of ways corporations can implement a more holistic approach to wellness in their offices. Providing some healthy office snacks during meetings, or just to have in the breakroom, is a small, easy first step. Employees will appreciate the free snacks, and they’ll be more likely to reach for the apple or banana on the counter than to trek down to the vending machine for chips. Larger companies also tend to have an easy time putting together accountability groups for employees who enjoy particular types of exercise (like a jogging club or a yoga group).

Companies based in cities are often able to take advantage of joining adult sports leagues for everything from tennis to kickball — and putting together a company team is a great way for coworkers to blow off steam and form relationships outside of work! Another good option is to invest in team building activities on a regular basis. Not only will employees be able to relax and enjoy themselves, but they’ll have a chance to build upon skills they can bring back to the office with them.

When it comes to happy and healthy employees, a full-scale approach can provide a number of benefits the office can enjoy all year long.

Increased Productivity

When workers are more productive, there’s no limit to the compound benefits an office can see. Employees who complete tasks more efficiently are able to take on more tasks without becoming overwhelmed and run-down. What employer doesn’t want that?

Companies that can take on more work often enjoy a number of added benefits that helps their bottom line. They have increased profitability, experience more business growth, have an easier time meeting consumer demand and become more competitive within their industry. All by taking better care of their employees.

Better Employee Attitudes

Sick employees aren’t happy ones. Exercise, diet and overall health all play an important role in mental state and attitude, and all these things can be addressed with a holistic approach to company wellness. When employees have better attitudes in general, all areas of their work increases — they become more alert and productive, put out better work, and have better interactions with coworkers and clients.

Positive attitudes also help employees have stronger critical thinking skills and better performance under pressure — both of which are utilized every day in an office environment. Those with better attitudes turn bad circumstances into new opportunities, and this kind of situational response can make all the difference when problems arise with clients or projects. An investment in employees’ attitudes is an investment in the overall performance of a company, and providing wellness programs is a great down payment.

Increased Bonding between Co-Workers

Never underestimate the power of relationships. When employees feel more “in tune” with their co-workers, it’s easier to form a supportive community that promotes wellness on multiple levels. When company teams get together to participate in things like team building events, not only are they getting fresh air and exercise (which increase overall well-being), but they’re building stronger relationships with each other.

Back in the office, employees who feel more like friends than coworkers work better together. They push each other further with their ideas, encourage a sense of company pride, and hold each other accountable for their work. Having a solid support network at the office is key to allowing employees to thrive within their positions.

Higher Levels of Performance in the Office

No one does as good of a job as they normally would when they’re sick, whether it’s a physical ailment, like a cold or the flu, or a mental one, like being overly tired or stressed. Regular check-ups at a doctor’s office, as well as preventative measures like a seasonal flu shot, can be very helpful in preventing illnesses that plague office environments. But sometimes the mental side of wellness can have an even worse effect on employee performance.

When employees get run-down, stressed or overwhelmed, their performance will decrease accordingly. Multiple studies show that work is by far the main source of stress for most Americans, so it’s more important than ever to address these issues at the workplace. Providing employees an opportunity to relieve stress on a regular basis will help keep them focused and consistently performing at high levels.

A Happier Workplace

Healthy employees are happy and productive — and that’s something all companies strive for. By introducing steps to build up company wellness, from providing healthy snacks in the office to taking time for fun team building events, employers will start to see benefits that only increase over time.

There’s no limit to the types of wellness initiatives companies can take. Accountability groups, exercise “clubs,” gym memberships, regularly scheduled retreats and fun activities — wellness comes in many forms, and the more creative employers are with their offerings, the more involved employees will be and the more benefits companies can expect to see over time.

– Dan Colgan, CEO of Rock Paper Team, understands the powerful role such activities can have in combating summer burnout. When fighting a losing battle, it’s more important than ever that employers take proactive measures against a predictable dip in productivity. 

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  1. Dan Colgan says:

    Thank you for sharing my blog. Have a FANTABULOUS Day! Dan

  2. Chris Kenber says:

    Holistic approaches are most certainly being favoured. Nor just in the workplace but in medicine, and everywhere in life. As an employer your employees wellness is of paramount importance and there are indeed many benefits of using a holistic approach

  3. Employee wellness is key to your company’s success, whether you choose traditional or holistic approaches. Holistic approaches are certainly popular nowadays and I favour them myself too

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