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Where experience meets learning

thoughtLEADERS’ services are designed to build solid leadership, communication, strategy and operational skills.

All our instructors are practitioners of the concepts they teach.

  • I have brought thoughtLEADERS in to work with my teams at two different companies with resounding success. What set them apart is, because they are practitioners, they were able to quickly understand our business environment and my team’s needs. That understanding made their programs immediately applicable which directly positively impacted our performance. That impact didn’t stop there - what they taught has had long-lasting and profound positive impact on my business." - Vice President and General Manager, BMC Software

    What We Do

    We provide classroom instruction, coaching, consulting, and support (both at client and offsite locations). Courses are hands-on: we introduce a concept, explain it, give examples and then you utilize those concepts in classroom exercises. The best way to learn is by doing and the best people to learn from are those who have successfully applied the concepts they teach.

  • thoughtLEADERS: Where experience meets learning

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    One Piece of Paper

    One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership by our founder Mike Figliuolo defines the four aspects of leadership our courses focus on. Those four aspects are leading yourself, leading the thinking, leading your people, and leading a balanced life. We believe leaders must achieve balance across all four of these aspects - that's why we teach courses to build skills in all of these areas. This book will help you define your own personal leadership philosophy – on one piece of paper. Get your copy now.

    What people are saying about One Piece of Paper

    “Devoid of the normal leadership philosophy B.S., One Piece of Paper is a simple yet profound guide for defining who you are and what you want to be as a leader. Read this book and write your own leadership maxims – it will make you a better leader and it may change your life!”
    - Roland Smith, President & CEO, Wendy’s / Arby’s Group

    One Piece of Paper elegantly tackles the complex topic of leadership and makes it real, practical, and powerful for leaders in all walks of life. Leadership is about relationships. The approach explained in this book will help you build a strong foundation for the relationships you have with your team.”
    - Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke University

    “In One Piece of Paper, Mike Figliuolo brushes aside the buzzwords and offers a clear path to becoming a truly authentic leader. If you want your team to work both harder and smarter – not just because you're the boss, but because you're a trusted ally – buy this book.”
    - Keith Ferrazzi, Author of Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

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